Joey L. Dowdy’s “A SMOOTH CRIMINAL!”

Gets Away with Murder!

Quick to Tell

Today more so than ever before people are quick to tell others what they can’t achieve. Also it has become the norm to use words like I can’t, I’m too old, I’m too young, I’m dumb, I ‘m too fat, too skinny, I’m afraid I’ll fail, I’m too dark, too light, I’m not pretty enough. Hmm, does any of this sound familiar?

Accepted by Millions

Okay, now here’s the sad part. Millions of people have accepted these negative beliefs, and the effects have manifested themselves in their lives. Now here’s the problem, and I mean really big problem. This kind of thinking doesn’t just hurt, it kills and destroys.

Smooth Criminal

It’s a known criminal, a smooth criminal, and if not caught, or put in check; it will continue to get away with murder. How so? It’s currently murdering millions of people’s hopes, dreams, and desires.

Deception at Rest

Yet the deceptive part is this, it has a strong hold on their lives. And they don’t even know it. Because once they accept these things to be true, it instills in them a fear. In which it stagnates, discourages, and stifles them from moving forward to achieve their greater success.

Behind Bars

However, here’s what many don’t realize. There is a secret weapon, and if used, it will put this deceptive power to rest. What is it? It’s believing, and reciting, this simple phrase, “I CAN ACHIEVE ALL THINGS!”  Yes, it’s that simple.

And I guarantee if you do this daily, without a doubt, it will keep this Smooth Criminal behind bars.

Groove ONj…


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