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Your Higher Connection!

When you’re faced with situations that seem like an uphill battle to fight, know that having thoughts of defeat won’t lead you to victory. Yet what will is resorting to prayer. As its guiding force is connected to a more positive belief, as well as to the divine hand that creates a winning outcome.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Discipline Delivers The Gold!”

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 15 Winning Tips to Up Your Game!

 Discipline, the word alone can sometimes be intimidating nonetheless thinking about what it takes to obtain it. However, here’s the question, what does it take? Or how can one really benefit from what it has to offer? What‘s the big pay off?

Well, the answer is plain and clear if you watched this year’s 2012 Olympics.  Where you saw first hand what having discipline can do. What can it do? It can take to you *straight to the top to where ever you desire to go with your life.


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