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Joey L. Dowdy’s “EAT THE WHOLE THING!”

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Longer! Lasting! Loving!

BEWARE: Processed foods are load with artificial ingredients and additives like high fructose corn syrup, which has added enzymes to make the product sweeter. Also don’t forget to watch out for foods containing hydrogenated oils, which is a chemically induced process used to turn it into a solid form.

So your best bet is to stick with whole foods which are much more nutritious, satisfying, and have a longer effect, especially when it comes to curbing your appetite. Plus instead having just a little bit you can “Eat The Whole Thing!”

Here’s a few Quick Tips:

*Try a hand full of nuts instead of chips.

Chow down on a small bowl of fresh grapes instead of M&M’S.

*Delight yourself with a half turkey sandwich; it’ll be more filling than the same calories’ worth or pretzels.

*Get your crunch on with your favorite protein bar (which will give you way more lasting energy) than eating a small vending machine bag of chocolate chip cookies.


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Joey L. Dowdy’s “WHOLE ON!”

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                            PROGRESS -VS- PROCESSED



                                 PROGRESS (Whole Foods will)   

                  Give You More Energy.  Help You Think Better. Produce More Productive.


                                PROCESSED (foods will) 

                  Zap Your Energy.  Make You Unfocused.  Slow Down Your Ability.


You can have the better and healthier benefits if you SWITCH THIS; ADD THAT!

 Here’s why!

 Your body knows and can feel the difference between processed & prepackaged foods (burgers, fries, cold cuts, mac & cheese etc.) from whole foods (nuts, beans, lean meats, fruits, vegetables & whole grains etc.) 

 In fact research studies show that once you make the healthier switch from processed foods to progress whole foods your body will in no time experience the rejuvenating affects. Whole On! Now, here’s the real kicker.

 You can burn 50% more calories eating whole foods than settling for processed foods. Wait! There’s more.

 Your body will process those calories more efficiently, leaving you with less to burn at the gym. Wow! Don’t you want to experience the whole difference?

 Have More Energy. Think Better. Be More Productive.



Joey L. Dowdy’s “ STRIPPED!”

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The Naked Truth

Did you know that grabbing a bottled of all-natural juice, then drinking it thinking it’s a wise nutritional choice, just might not be your best move?

Why? Well, let me tell you. What you may not know is bottled juice is “stripped of its fiber (nutritional content) during the bottling process.

Therefore, afterwards, it ends up being nothing more than another sugary sweeten beverage. Surprised? I thought so!

What’s a better choice? It’s natural fruit; if possible, try eating it with the skin on it. You’ll get all the nutrients, as well as the fiber, and its body cleansing benefits.