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Joey L. Dowdy’s “ADDICTED TO DANCE?”

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Can’t Get Enough?

Get Fit, Look Fierce & Feel Fabulous!

Check This Out!

Are you like millions of others who are addicted to dance right now, but don’t know exactly why? Yes, you are? Hmm!

Well, let me tell you why. But first take this three question survey.

1. Do you find it hard to resist standing up to imitate the dance moves every time you hear the song, or see the Gangnam style video?

2. Have you, your friends, or co-workers, created your very own Harlem Shake dance video?

3. Are you having a blast, going wild, and sweating up a storm learning all the hot new Zumba and or Afro- Latino dance moves?

Okay, if your answer is yes to any of these, it means you are officially “Addicted to Dance.” Here’s why and what you may not know.

Dance has many great benefits to help you Get Fit, Look Fierce & Feel Fabulous.

Check These Out & Off Your List.

<Get Fit!>

`Sweat up a storm.

`Burn calories & fat.

`Shape up & Tone Up.

<Look Fierce!>

`Learn some hot dance moves.

`Strike a pose.

`Strut your sexy stuff on dance floor, or in own video.

<Feel Fabulous!>

`Build up your confidence.

`Have a Blast.

`Be Creative.