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Why Compromise Your Good Figure, or Your Good Health?

8 Great Healthy Holiday Hints!

Can you believe the holidays are here again already? It seems like we just had them, don’t you think? Well, maybe that’s a good thing. Why? Because if you are like so many million of people who have good intentions each year not to overeat, or to be more physically active during the holiday, but some how each year you seem to blow it, just keep reading.

I have some good news for you. What is it? This year can be different. How can it be? It can be because this time you’re not just wishing or hoping those things will happen. The difference is, “This Year You Are Making It Happen.” The reason being is now you have a plan. What kind of a plan?It’s a plan of execution to follow my Great 8 Healthy Holiday Hints.

These tips will help you to Eat, Drink, and be Very Aware of how to do it without compromising your good figure, or your good health.

Hint 1 .

Don’t Starve Yourself. Don’t go without food all day before eating your big ..Holiday.. meal. Eat something continually like (a small piece of fruit, or a few things from the veggie tray, a hand full of nuts, small cup of yogurt, a few whole grain crackers, or a few slices of whole grain bread.

Hint 2 Eat Breakfast.It’s simple, it will fuel your body and it’ll make you less hungry later.

Hint 3. Put Everything On One late, therefore it makes you more aware of what and how much you’re eating.Yet try not to go back for seconds, however, if you do, especially if you haven’t eaten all day. ….

Remember: Portion side is the key; it’ll help you prevent over doing it. *Here’s another important point. Sure, it’s okay to have some turkey and dressing but also make sure you load up too on fruits and veggies. Why? They will make you feel fuller, and in addition to give your body the desired nutrients it needs.

Hint 4. Eat Slowly:It’s a great way to help you savor all the good food combinations as well as it will of course make you eat less.

Hint 5. Stay Active. Can I say, it’s the perfect way to keep your body in motion. So Go ahead and indulge in a good old fashion snow ball fight, or head on out to a few exciting cliffs to practice your skate boarding, or roller blading skills.

Hint 6. Dance UP A Storm, the holiday’s are the perfect time to get together with your family, or friends, and put on your favorites tune and show off your hot new dance moves, or have a dance contest. Plus it’s great exercise, and a cool way to work up a sweat as well as work off a few calories.

Hint 7. Get Some REST. It’s no secret, we all know what getting enough (6, 7 hrs) of some good old happy shut eye will do. It’ll have you feeling refreshed and more energized for all the festivities you’re yet to conquer.

Hint 8. Group Up. Why not go the extra mile? Group up and give each other a nice back message. It’ll be a fun way to start or end a day full continuous mayhem.