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Joey L. Dowdy’s “YOUR NORMAL IS

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Doesn’t Fit!


                    General Rule!

Groove On This: Value Has U R Name Written All Over It!”

Think your life adds little to no value to someone else’s because in your eyes it’s only normal, or at best average? Well if so you just might be surprised to know that not everyone sees it, or you, that way.

Actually, it’s because “Your Normal Is Someone Else’s Exception!”

Check This Out.

*Your Normal (My profession? Oh, I ‘m just a stay at home mom or dad!)      

Someone Else’s Exception (I dream of the day I’m able to spend more time with my kid’s, and to raise a family just like you.

*Your Normal (I ‘m only an intern!)

Someone Else’s Exception (Wow, I can’t believe you actually get the opportunity to work for such a reparable company.

*Your Normal (I dread the tedious task of having to get up and work out three days a week.)

Someone Else’s Exception (Girl, you’re looking good! I wish I had the time, and discipline, to get in shape like you.

Remember: Never take your life, or what you have to offer for granted. It’s because what might seem normal to you could offer great abnormal value to someone else. 

Joey L. Dowdy’s “U HAVE VALUE!”

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Groove On This: Never Underestimate U R Assets!

Know that your body and all it essentials have more value than any other thing on earth, or the universe for that matter.

Why does it? Well, think about it about?

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “SERVED with A PURPOSE!”

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Task! Driven! Value!

Food For Thought: If whatever you desire to do doesn’t serve a purpose, know that, it has no value! However, don’t be dismay, there is more. On the other hand, if what you desire has purpose know this, “The greater the purpose, the more valuable it becomes” So, I ask, what purpose do you serve?



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Joey L. Dowdy’s “PTO IS THE WAY TO GO!”

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Relaxed! Refreshed! Rejuvenated!


Work Too Much? Well, if so, know that you’re not alone, according to a recent static so does 67 percent of the working population. These are people just like you who know they need a break, or rather some PTO (Paid Time Off.) Which is a big controversy at the moment as to why people who need a break, and have PTO time available, won’t take it. Check out a few reasons why they say they don’t.

*Some say they get negative or mixed messages from their company about it.

 *Others say it’s not in their hands, but rather the company.

 *Some others say they simply have too much work to do. Or that no one else has the skills, or capabilities, to successful complete the work if they took time off.

 Value Is A Virtue

Wow, can you believe what they’re saying? I must admit these do sound like a bunch of excuses. However, the truth of the matter is this, 67 percent of the working population are in denial that they are workaholics. Who have become slaves to the job and are afraid to admit it, or to really do anything about. Why won’t they? Like I’ve written before in a previous block I said, “Most people forget they bring value and contribution to the job through their talents, skills, knowledge, personality, and commitment. The job can’t work itself; it needs a human touch that’ll make it work. But what’s happening is by people not being aware of their value it has made them fearful. Many are afraid of losing their job, or that someone else might get ahead of them, if they decided to take some time off.

Nonetheless here’s what they don’t realize. They get paid to take some time off, it comes with package. It’s a perk, or a benefit, just like being paid for overtime or having company insurance.

And the benefit of taking some time off is probably the most beneficial one of them all.

PTO Is The Way to Go!

Here are three good reasons for a little PTO. It will,

*Help you to get the body relaxation you’ve been longing for.

Results: You’ll feel much more relaxed and less tense when you return back to work.

* Give Your Mind A Break.

Results: You’ll return back to work with clearer thoughts and possible with a few fresh ideas.

* Rejuvenate Your Spirit.

Results: You’ll feel much more alert, alive, and ready to activate your mojo when you return.

Now, Go Book Your Exotic Island Trip Get Away!

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Passionate! Priceless! Prosperous!

You Define Your Worth By Showing Your Value.

Which You Must Know Is Priceless.

Your worth (ideas, experiences, skills, talents, time, passion, and commitment,) can’t be matched by any number. Here’s why! They are what give you value. And the use of this value is what will result in a company’s worth, wealth, and success. So know that, “The Number On Your Pay Check Could Never Define Your Worth!”

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “VALUE IS WORTH!”

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Claim It! Own It! Use It!

Never underestimate your value (skills, talents, or experience) know that it’s worth more than its weight in gold, silver, copper, green backs, or any other tangible possession.

<Groove Theory> “When You Esteem Your Value The World Will Recognize It Too!”

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