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Joey L. Dowdy’s “GROWN & SEXY!”

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An Excerpt from New Book “Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness! Perform!”

She paraded around like a Victoria’s Secret model working and rocking the runway; and all “in six-inch heels.” Her womanly mannerisms conveyed and displayed such confidence and strength that if celebs like Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and Beyoncé had been close by watching, they would have considered asking her for a lesson or two. Then I nearly fell out of my seat when I realized who she was. I thought, wow, what a striking transformation she’s made; look at how Grown and Sexy she’s become.  And the amazing thing was….

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Joey L. Dowdy “OKAY, SPRING IT ON ME!”

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Focus! Resist! Respond!

Here’s one small tip that’ll lead you to get big results, and the beach body you so desire. Are you ready? Okay, what you need to is this.


The biggest mistake people make is trying to do too much too soon. Most people don’t just want results; they want it with unrealistic quickness. Usually if they don’t get an immediate response from a work out, a new eating plan, or just about any new goal they just simply give up. Here’s the one clue you need for your promising success, resist the urge to over-train and overdo things, especially in the beginning. You’ll just burn yourself out or get injured (a terrible way to abandon your fitness resolution!) and be more likely to quit before you’ve given yourself a fair chance.

 Resolve to make small changes and before you know it; those will lead to big changes in your health and the way you feel about yourself! Create your vision, a realistic image of how you’d like to look and keep that image in your head. What you have right now is good enough to get your started! Go for it!



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Joey L. Dowdy’s “FLING, I MEAN,

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Beach! Body! Beauty!

Think beautiful weather, shorts, t- shirts, tank tops, flip-flops, sunscreen, hot bodies, the beach, and all the cuties the tide seems to roll in. However, the question is, Are You Ready? Are you ready for some fun? Or do you need a little help to get ready to “Spring Into Action?” Yeah, you do?

Well, Stay Tuned For More!

 Groove…                    ”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness

Joey L. Dowdy’s “OWN THE ROOM!”

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Grab The Attention & Be Noticed!

Let Your Presence Make a Difference.

Have you ever noticed why some people when they walk into a room seem to get all the attention and others, well, they don’t so much? Yes, you have?

Have you ever thought, what do they seem to know that most others don’t?

Well let me tell you, it’s simple. The difference is they know how to make their presence known. When they walk in they simply “Own TheRoom.”

And Now So Will You. Just follow these Top 10 TantalizingAttention Grabbers.

1. Dress The Part; Look Your Best. < It Shows Your Style.>

2. Smell Good; Wear Your Best Cologne. < It’s Classy.>

3. Have Confidence in Yourself .<It’s A Big Turn On For Most.>

4. Watch Your Posture; Stand Tall. < It Gives You Poise.>

5. Show Eye Contact; Let Your Eyes Light Up . < It Shows You Care.>

6. Speak Slowly& Clearly. < It’s Intellectually Stimulating.>

7. Say Your Name; Then Repeat The Other Persons Name. < It Shows Your  You Are Attentive.>

8. Give A Good Solid Hand Shake . < It Shows Mega Confidence.>

9. Smile. < It ‘s An Attractive & Magnetic Characteristic.>

10. Be Yourself. < It’s True, There Is No As Unique As You.>

See, You too can “Own The Room.”




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Youthfulness Is A State Of Mind Over Matter. It’s Not Just About What You Look Like On The Out side. It’s More So How You Feel On The Inside.Your Thoughts, Ways, and Actions, Dictate Whether You’re Old or Young. So, THINK YOURSELF YOUNG!


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Be A Beauty!”

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Good looks (the outer shell) can only take you but so far, it can’t totally define you. Yet what completes it is when you Open Your Mouth (your insides), as it reveals your “True Beauty.” Groove…

Joey L. Dowdy’s “REAL BEAUTY!”

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Real Beauty Is Defined by What’s Going On Inside, which in
reality reflects what’s really going on the Outside.”

It’s what you Think, See, Say, Believe, and truly Feel about Yourself, Your
life, Your looks
and Your body.

However, Real Beauty is more than an image (tall, short, slim or fat); it comes from within and
extends outward. It’s listening, living, learning, and loving who you are. Yes! Real Beauty really is
in the eye of the beholder, “You!”