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Joey L. Dowdy’s “IT SPEAKS & LISTENS!”

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 Can You Hear It?

A small inner voice, a hunch, or an idea, all are ways the universe communicates with you. It hears you all the time, even when you are a sleep.

The good book says, “Day after day it pours forth speech; and night after night it displays knowledge. “    

So know that “It Speaks & Listens!”



Joey L. Dowdy “DO YOU BELIEVE?

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Good Things Happen!

The universe is looking for a few good men and women to believe. To believe in what you might ask? It’s for them to believe in its ability to make good things happen.

So, Do You Believe? Do You Believe Good Things Happen?



Joey L. Dowdy “Execute Your Ideas!”

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Execute Your Ideas! They Can Tranform, Have Meaning and Power. However, Ideas Have No Value Unless You Get Up! Go Forward! And Make Them A Reality. Who Knows Maybe Your Idea/s Could Be The “Next Best Thing!”
  •  How to do it? Here are a few key points.

    *Write Out Your Ideas.

    *Visualize Them Happening.

    *Share Your Ideas with Someone Who Will Cheerfully Support Your Vision.

    * Put the Blood, Sweat & Tears Into Making Them Happen.