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Joey L. Dowdy’s “TEST THE LIMITS!”

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Maximize & Actualize Your Potential

How do you know what you can’t do, if you don’t try to do what you could do?
Test the limits, and you’ll find yourself going further than you thought possible.

Joey L. Dowdy’s “TAKE A CHANCE!”

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This Could Be The One

We are giving many so chances to get things wrong, but it only takes one change to get it right!
*Like if you’re a dancer who finally nails a triple pirouette (turn) after so many failed attempts.
*Or a student who finally passes an exam you failed so many times.
*Or you finally landed that dream job that you applied, or auditioned for year after year.

Even the good book says that time, and chance, happens to them all. Yet it also says that faith without works won’t get you anywhere.

You Must Put It Work; Step Out, and “Take A Chance.”



Joey L. Dowdy’s “FAITH IS A FORCE!”

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< It’s Power Personified>

Faith is A Force; Nothing Can Stand In Its Way When You Put It to Work.

<It’s Divine Law In Fulfillment>

*It‘s Movement That Takes Action!

Check Out These Five Things YourFaith in Activation Will Do.

*It will Create and Work Miracles.

*It will open doors that once seemed closed.

*It will change hearts that were once hardened.

*It will turn a bad situation around and into one that works in your favor.

*It will manifest and bring forward your deepest desires.



Joey L. Dowdy’s “U BETTER WIN!”

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What Does It Mean?

*Winning is always about doing your best no matter if you get 1st place, 3rdplace, or No Place.Know that when you step up to meet any challenge, that alone automatically makes you a winner. So, U BETTER WIN!



Joey L. Dowdy’s “ARE YOU ATTACHED?”

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Well, If Not, Commit Yourself to Excellence and Watch It Attach Itself To You!
So, I ask again, ARE YOU ATTACHED?


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NO matter how hopeless, out of order, or control, your life may appear to be right now. You can make it if you are alive and still breathing. Are you? Yes! Good! Just checking and I’m glad! Why?

I’m here to tell you that no matter how bad your situation may look, remember it’s only a thing. It doesn’t define you.

So there is no need to worry; know that the hand that made you is divine. Just believe that you will be okay because “Miracles Do Happen” everyday.

You Can Go


*Tragedy to Triumph

*Stressed to Blessed

*Disability to Possibility

*Hopeless to Happening

*Set back to Come back

*Hot Mess to Holy Miracle

*No Way Out to An Unexpected Way In

*Being Done to Doing It & Doing It Well

*Pain to Pleasure

*Tears to Cheers

*Darkness Into the Marvelous Light



Joey L. Dowdy’s “ TRUST!”

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The Universe Will Create An Open Door For You That No One Can Close, If You Only Trust! Do You Trust?