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Joey L. Dowdy’s “TRICK OR TREAT!”

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Slick! Sneaky! SLY!

A Trick Can Be A Treat If You See It Not As An Obstacle, But As An Opportunity!”

Here’s what I mean.

Trick: Opportunity has a sly fox way of slipping in through the back door unannounced.

Treat: You’ve become well aware of this, so you plan to set a trap, to catch it each and every time.


 See, “A Trick Can Be A Treat!” Joey here)”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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Which One Will Win The Battle For Your Happiness?




Are You Living For The Money, or For What Makes You Happy?

Statics state that 80% of the population wake each day, or night, to then arrive at a job they hate. Yet it’s a fact that each year they continue to cling onto that same job. Why is this? Well, it’s obvious that the majority of these people are strictly doing it for the money. In fact, it’s been said that many have no passion for the work, and would rather be anywhere else than working on the job. Yet they stay there, unhappily, anyway. They do this simply because they say, “it pays the bills.”

* All jobs, no matter what the profession, are performed as a service to help someone else.

Now here’s my “Groove Theory” about the situation.


Sure, everyone knows that money is a necessity. It’s an essential component in our lives, because it can buy us the material things we need. However, it alone can’t buy you true happiness. Why not? It’s due to the fact that it can only fill a small void in your life. It can’t bring the kind of joy you feel when utilizing your life (talents,) in doing what you’ve been gifted to do.


Here’s the problem, “this is the successful money making clue that many people fail to realize.” They tend to overlook the fact we all have a unique talent; it’s something that no one else can do exactly like you. All jobs, no matter what the profession, are performed as a service to help someone else. So why not use that talent to be of service to someone else, and get paid for it?

I know, it sounds so simple doesn’t? Well, why aren’t more people doing it? Here’s why!


As you can see there is a battle going on, and it’s playing tug of war for your happiness! No wonder we’re at an all-time high that links us to some of the most tragic incidences of violence, depression, and suicide, ever. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Why would I say this? I think it’s evident from the stats that millions of people are living their lives in daily dread. They are complacent, neutral, stuck, and have lost their drive to pursue their dreams. Why is this? It because they lack one major component; it is the key that will spark up their engines to drive themselves forward.


What is it? It’s COURAGE. So, if you one of millions who are living for money, and not for what makes you happy, it’s time for a change. What will it take? Know that all it takes is the courage to first realize this, “You Have A Talent That Can Be of Service to Someone Else, Now Put It to Work And Watch The Currency Come As A Result.” Yes, you will win the battle for your happiness, as it will be Courage-vs-Currency.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “FULL STEPS AHEAD!”

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No one likes to be left behind; we all desire to get ahead. But most people have no idea what it takes. What does it take? Here’s what it takes, “Full Steps!” WHY!

It’s because HALF –STEPPING (lack of self-belief, fear & inconsistency) WILL LEAVE YOU BEHIND, IT TAKES FULLS STEPS (Clarity, Courage, & Commitment) TO GET AHEAD. Are you ready? Okay!

Let the process begin:


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Can You Pass Go?

It’s one thing trying to make it to the top, but it’s another thing trying to stay there.

What does it take? You might be surprised.

Here you go:





Joey L. Dowdy’s “NOW, GO & SUCCEED!”

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You have the right to get out of life exactly what you want, and to be the success you desire.

However, no one can do it alone. Everybody needs help.

Here’s the deal, “You Have The Right; I’ve Got The Plan, Now Go and Succeed!”

Here’s how


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When Trouble Rises

Keep your eyes on the prize. Stay ever so focused and committed to reach your goal and or final destination.

Why? You Are Closer Than You Think?




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What Do You Intent to Do?

You must know that losing weight, finishing school, getting that dream job, being financially set, all these things require you have a plan that will move you in the right direction to achieve them.

So yes, success is intention and nobody succeeds by accident.