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Joey L. Dowdy’s “GROWN & SEXY!”

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An Excerpt from New Book “Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness! Perform!”

She paraded around like a Victoria’s Secret model working and rocking the runway; and all “in six-inch heels.” Her womanly mannerisms conveyed and displayed such confidence and strength that if celebs like Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, and Beyoncé had been close by watching, they would have considered asking her for a lesson or two. Then I nearly fell out of my seat when I realized who she was. I thought, wow, what a striking transformation she’s made; look at how Grown and Sexy she’s become.  And the amazing thing was….

Don’t Stop Read On!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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Acceptance! Validation! Being Noticed!

Well, are you an attention grabber? If not, “You Should Be!”

This is why. Statics state that it only takes about 10- 15 seconds; from the time you meet a person, to capture their attention. Yes! It’s a do, or don’t deal.

Yet here’s one thing I know for sure, “No one really wants to be invisible.” “Everybody desires to be noticed, and therefore seeks to get attention.” Why? It’s because being given attention makes you feel accepted, and or validated. That means, yes, we are all attention grabber’s. But what does it take to grab someone’s attention and hold on it for longer than 10-15 seconds? It takes this! Applying what I call, “The S.S.S. (Seven Simple Steps) Principles.” So get ready. Here they are.

Step 1. Look Your Best ( It shows your style, plus wearing what you like makes you feel comfortable and more relaxed!)

 Step 2. Stand Tall (Displaying good posture gives you grace, and poise.)

 Step 3. Show Some Eye Contact (It shows your confidence and care.)

Step 4. Smile Big! (It makes your beautiful face light up, as well as it gives you a chance to show off those pearly whites.

Step 5. Give A Strong Hand Shake! ( It shows your eagerness to meet, accept, and respect for the other person.

Step 6. Listen Intently to What The Other Person Has to Say. (It shows your interest.)

 Step 7. Respond with positive feed back about what the other person is saying. (It will keep all eyes on you, as well as show how attentive you were to what they said.)



Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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What Are They Saying?

No She Didn’t?

                         Oh Yes He Did!

I bet you are itching to know what a few readers are saying about my new book series Get Up & Groove “Step Into Greatness! Perform! Where Dancespiration Meets Transformation! True motivational stories of real people who took the step, and made the change, that led them to transform their lives.

Well, wait no longer. Check out these testimonials on Strut! In Six Inch Heels, a new twist on the ugly duckling turn beautiful swan story. And Make It Hot Like A Jalapeno` another true action packed story about Jose, ` a young man in fiery pursuit to find his life’s passion and direction.

Read on!

Alicia (Strut!)

I love the heading “Put Your Best Foot Forward!”

The story is an inspiration for all young talents. It shows that if they have the desire to be great, everything else should not interfere. The story also taught me how nice it is to be able to come out of the hat, and do something different away from the ordinary.


Alexia (Strut!)

I see myself very much in this story. Growing up, since I started dancing later than everyone else, I always felt very inadequate in comparison. I always felt like I needed to prove to everyone that I was able to dance and was not a complete mess with it. The story taught me the importance of not giving up and letting your inner light shine. I really liked when you said how “one size does not fit all. We each have a different uniqueness and certain abilities.” There is such a pressure to be and look a certain way that it is easy to forget that.

Alex (Make It Hot)

My first impression was, “what an emotionally real portrayal of the mindset of some dancers self-esteem (even talented ones as Jose); more importantly how self-worth and self-love is the true optimal form of success.”

What resonated most had to definitely be the way I view myself, in comparison to the way Jose views himself. Self-image is a big thing for me, always has been. Not many people would ever guess that. I mean just like you said….we all have challenges and obstacles to overcome, but it’s what you do NOW that matters.

Emmy Ariel (Strut!)

Joey okay was that my first audition? This is by far a labor of love and the story took me back wayyy back to some of my first coming out during my dancer days. (Hehehe). You’re spot on for a variety of readers with this story. I’m seeing teacher / students / Auditions/ kids who want to be inspired…What I like is this little gem of a story has an urban feel to it from the jump! It describes how a teacher spots a diamond in the rough shy girl with the passion and fire to make it to the top. Oh yes this book is mouthwatering. I’m thirsty for more.


London (Strut!)

I read the story about “Strut.” My first impression was amazement. I couldn’t believe the little girl you were initially talking about became such a great success in the end. What resonated with me about the story was that, no one is born amazing. Sometimes I see amazing dancers and I just think they walked out of the womb fierce, ready to learn a 3 min dance.

Luis (Make It Hot)

I always battle with my own value, from low to highs and back and forth. I remember the time when the role model I looked up to most in life told me I could be a “great designer”; it was the best day of my life. So I can relate to Jose’s story greatly. Since then I realized it was the fact that he said I could be “great” that meant the most to me, regardless of it being design or anything else. His approval itself was something I desperately needed.

Carla (Strut!)

The story is a reminder to never give up on your dreams and don’t let the negative talk of others deter you from your dreams and goals or cause you to doubt yourself. Good stuff!

All the Recap @ Work Groovement Techniques are applicable and good. The first three stood out the most to me. Like:

*Never cover up your natural raw God-given talents or abilities. Let them shine. Use them as they speak volumes, and will showcase the real you.

*Keep it simple and be yourself. There’s no need for unnecessary gymnastics or gimmicks if you don’t need to use them. Be You & Do You!

*Remember talk is cheap, so Let Your Actions Be Your Star Attraction.

Okay, now, what do you have to say?

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>




Joey L. Dowdy’s “Dancing Like The Star’s Fitness”

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What’s Their Secret?

What’s The Best Way to Lose Weight and Build Confidence!

Do You Really Want to Know?

Well, Read On!

Take a look at Madonna, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Chris Brown, Ciara, and even the late Michael Jackson, “They All Know the Real Secret.” You must have wondered how these performers get their Charisma, Stamina, Confidence, Strut, Style, Grace, and above all those Toned Sculpted Bodies.

Have You Ever Said to Yourself, “What do they know that I don’t?

Well, Now You Can!

What Is It?

They Dance!

In fact, they not only dance, it’s their main physical fitness inspirational source for getting into tip-top shape. Some may even refer to as “Dance Fitness”. Dance Fitness is the new craze that’s rocking the nation; it’s deemed as a fun sexy way to get down those unwanted pounds. Not only is it beneficial for your heart, but it lowers your cholesterol, reduces your blood pressure and builds stronger bones while improving flexibility.

These Stars know that consistency yields results and dancing’s physical fitness benefits help them reach their “Peak Performance.” Yet we all know that people will only exercise regularly if they are having fun. Maybe your dream isn’t to be a star, or even to be in the music/entertainment business but you can still learn from their successes.

No matter what your age, dancing or exercise ability, “Dance Fitness is for all.”

You can “Dance Like A Star”, or just simply have a blast trying as you get whipped into shape.

Have Fun!