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Joey L. Dowdy’s “IT’S IN S!”

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Did I Hear You Say,

It’s in the struggle, it’s in the storm, it’s in the start, it’s in the search, it’s in the stretch, it’s in the step, it’s in the stride, it’s in the season, it’s in the secret, it’s in the selection, it’s in sync, it’s in the size, it’s in the sensation, it’s in the synergy, and it’s in the solution.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “NO GAIN NO PAIN!”

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Life Too Can Have Its Labor Pains!

The Rise to The Top!

It takes work to gain the ability to “Rise to The Top.” In fact, it’s impossible to do without feeling a few labor pains along the way.  It’s the pain that’s ignited through the blood, sweat, tears, hard work, and struggle it takes to achieve. Yet this is what’s interesting. It’s all part of a necessary process that leads you to a greater reward, your ability to stride; and rise to the top, in spite of going through rough terrain. Which it proves, there is “No Gain Without Pain!”

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NO matter how hopeless, out of order, or control, your life may appear to be right now. You can make it if you are alive and still breathing. Are you? Yes! Good! Just checking and I’m glad! Why?

I’m here to tell you that no matter how bad your situation may look, remember it’s only a thing. It doesn’t define you.

So there is no need to worry; know that the hand that made you is divine. Just believe that you will be okay because “Miracles Do Happen” everyday.

You Can Go


*Tragedy to Triumph

*Stressed to Blessed

*Disability to Possibility

*Hopeless to Happening

*Set back to Come back

*Hot Mess to Holy Miracle

*No Way Out to An Unexpected Way In

*Being Done to Doing It & Doing It Well

*Pain to Pleasure

*Tears to Cheers

*Darkness Into the Marvelous Light