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Joey L. Dowdy’s “A Healthy Life!”

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A Healthy Life (Eating Right, Exercising, Getting Proper Rest & Stressing Less) is One Way to Prevent A Short Life.
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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Good to GO!”

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Life is Good It Has Rhythm and Flow; So Relax, Stop All The Worries & You’ll Be ~Good to GO!

Joey L. Dowdy’s “You Look Skin-sational!”

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Do You Want Your Skin to Look Its Best? Of course you do, And It Can!But first there is one thing you must know. Your Skin Reflects What You Put in Your Body. For instance, eating lots of greasy fried foods with high cholesterol content has been known to not only clog your pores and arteries, it can also take its toll on your skin, causing it to break out and look unhealthy.

However, if you want your skin to appear more vibrant and glisten with radiance try cutting down on greasy foods by replacing them with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains that nourish the skin with their rich vitamin content.  Sounds good? Wait! There’s more.

It’s another important component; it’s an essential element that is vital for anyone who desires to look Skin-sational. In fact, it’s something no one can live without for any extended period of time.

What is it? “It’s Water.”And it has a list of great benefits. Here! Check them out.

~75% of the body is made up of water,

~ 75% of the muscles are made up of water,

~Water carries nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body.

~Water helps convert food into energy.
~Drinking more water helps reduce obesity.

~Drinking a sufficient amount helps flush out toxins, keeps the body regulated, makes you feel energized, therefore it as well makes exercising feel more enjoyable.So remember, the key is to keep your body sufficiently hydrated throughout the day combined along with healthy nutrients, and you too will hear others say, “You Looking Skin-sational!”