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Joey L. Dowdy’s “I AM!”

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Groove On This: There Is Something so Profound About Knowing Who You Are.

It’s about what precedes “I Am” that matters, so what say you?

Joey L. Dowdy’s “U STAY!”

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Remain! Reside! Persevere!

Groove On This: What’s Wrong with Being on Top?

It’s imperative you keep moving because when you get complacent you lose your staying power. So, I suggest U Stay Ambitious,

   Stay Bold,

         Stay Confident,

               Stay Equipped!

                     Stay Fierce,

                           Stay Hungry,

                                   Stay Successful;

                                      U Stay On Top!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


Then There’s The Power!


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AT ANYTHING!” Stand! Stay! Strong!

NO, you really can! Here’s the secret. Consistency! It is your secret weapon and it will determine what will happen in the end. This is what I know for sure. You can beat anybody, at anything, if you remain consistent. Why?

Most people can’t, so you will succeed if you press forward no matter what. Groove…”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “STAY THE COURSE!

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When you are successful at something, or the closer you get to achieving it that’s when you need to be most aware. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “be aware of what?” Well, it’s this.

You can expect someone, or two, or three, to appear in your life with one sole purpose. It’s the purpose to trying to “knock you off course!”

These are people better known as, Hater’s, Doubters, or Nay Sayers etc.

Watch Out For Slick Tactics

Yeah! Watch out for them because they will rise up like cobras, and try to spew their venom on you. How so? They will try to poison your life with a display of negative, nasty, or even sometimes sneaky, sly, and belittling, comments or words. Which are all tactics that are meant to discourage, rather than encourage, you from continuing to groove forward.

Pay The Haters No Mind!

So what should you do when this happens? I suggest you do two things. The first thing is to remember this, “Achievement and Success Will Always Breed Jealousy!” Secondly, “When this happens all you need to do is, “Simply Pay The Haters No Mind.” Instead you stay focused, committed, and you will be connected.

 Stay The Course!

Here’s what I mean! When you’ve worked hard, as well as give from your heart, to do your best in trying to achieve any good deed, the powers to be will always have your back. That’s right; the universe will conspire to lift up in spite of the Nay Sayers trying to tear you down. You can be assured that it will not let any good deed you do go unnoticed, nor  be unrewarded.

So let the hater do their thing and you keep doing yours. And regardless to what they say, you let your mission be to “Stay The Course!”