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Joey L. Dowdy’s “GIVING IS A GIFT!”

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Effort! Energy! Enthusiasm!                

It’s The Action That Counts!

You don’t necessarily need money to give. Sure, it’s okay if you have it, but if not, don’t be dismay. Here’s why! It’s because you possess some within you, others things, that are just as valuable. Remember, it’s not about the money that counts, but it’s your actions, they are what make the difference.

Check out these five action packed ways to give. You can give,

             *Your Time,

                   *Some Encouragement,

                           *Your Expert Advice,

                               *Personal Acknowledgement,

                                         *A Nice Smile.

Now get business and use your gift. Give!

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Acceptance! Validation! Being Noticed!

Well, are you an attention grabber? If not, “You Should Be!”

This is why. Statics state that it only takes about 10- 15 seconds; from the time you meet a person, to capture their attention. Yes! It’s a do, or don’t deal.

Yet here’s one thing I know for sure, “No one really wants to be invisible.” “Everybody desires to be noticed, and therefore seeks to get attention.” Why? It’s because being given attention makes you feel accepted, and or validated. That means, yes, we are all attention grabber’s. But what does it take to grab someone’s attention and hold on it for longer than 10-15 seconds? It takes this! Applying what I call, “The S.S.S. (Seven Simple Steps) Principles.” So get ready. Here they are.

Step 1. Look Your Best ( It shows your style, plus wearing what you like makes you feel comfortable and more relaxed!)

 Step 2. Stand Tall (Displaying good posture gives you grace, and poise.)

 Step 3. Show Some Eye Contact (It shows your confidence and care.)

Step 4. Smile Big! (It makes your beautiful face light up, as well as it gives you a chance to show off those pearly whites.

Step 5. Give A Strong Hand Shake! ( It shows your eagerness to meet, accept, and respect for the other person.

Step 6. Listen Intently to What The Other Person Has to Say. (It shows your interest.)

 Step 7. Respond with positive feed back about what the other person is saying. (It will keep all eyes on you, as well as show how attentive you were to what they said.)



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Happy! Healthy! Happening!

Living a life worth smiling about begins with you pursuing what you were born to do. It’s not about living a life that’s stagnant, or dormant, but rather “one that performs!” It’s an incredible feeling in which becomes the air you breathe.  It’s what happens when you start “Living A Life Worth Smiling About!”

Your Motivation Starts Here:






Joey L. Dowdy’s “I NEEDED THAT!”

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Words of Encouragement  

*You Are Too Blessed To Be Stressed!

*You Look So Much Better When You Smile!

*Your future Is So Bright, You Might Need Sunglasses!