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Joey L. Dowdy’s “FOCUS ON DOING YOU!”

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Be. Do. You.

It’s your antidote and cure for having The Joneses Effect!

Here’s how it works.

*Learn to like/love yourself first; then so will others.

*Know that your uniqueness comes from simply being who you are. There’s no need to put on a front, or try to be like someone you’re not.

*Find out what you’re good at then showcase those abilities.

*Make them shine like a new penny.

*Be aware that everything else will come as a result!

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “IF NOT NOW?”

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Ask yourself these two questions.

*If Not Now, Then When Will It Be?

*If Not You, Then with Whom Will It be?” 

So I say, Why Not Do It Now? And Let It Be You?



Joey L. Dowdy’s “WORK + PURPOSE =

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Your Job May Make You Money but You Make It Meaningful. How can you? Here’s how!

Apply these twelve daily steps and you will be a big success.

1. Value Yourself.

2. Know what skills you bring to the job.

3. Let your talents shine.

4. Have a purpose that goes beyond just a dollar figure; know what else will keep you motivated.

5. Make it a mission to always do your best.

6. Never underestimate your ability; anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

7. Plan to work, and work the plan.

8. Listen closely to details because in them lie clues to a successful outcome.

9. Be willing to do more and, or possibly, tasks others won’t do. Why? The knowledge and experience you’ll get will take you further than you can imagine.

10. Learn, Learn, Learn everything you can, and don’t stop, it’s one of the keys to your personal growth.

11. Encourage team work; know that no one can make it alone; having the support of a good team is important and invaluable.

12. Don’t forget you, YES YOU, have the capacity to touch and change lives. Like they say, “If you’re willing to help others get what they want, you will get what you want.”

And it also confirms that Work+ Purpose = Success!


Joey L. Dowdy’s “GET GOOD at SOMETHING!”

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And Be Noticed.

If you really want to get noticed it’s not so difficult if you learn how to do this.

Get Good at Something.”

Here’s what I mean. We all have a unique skill or talent, but if you really want to be noticed, and get ahead in life; it requires this.

You must work on developing that skill, or talent, until no one else can do it better. Then you will be noticed simply because, you did “Get Good at Something.



Joey L. Dowdy’s “SHOW UP & SHOW OUT!”

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Yes, It’s Necessary!

The secret to successis sometimes just showing up! Then let your skills, talent, and hard work do the restand Show Out!”



Joey L. Dowdy’s “Thanks A M$llion!”

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 Did you know that 90% of America’s millionaires started out broke, and or on the bottom?

I know, it’s shocking, I couldn’t believe it at either. But Wait, Hold On! If you thought that was something listen to this, statistics shows that at the beginning of the 20th century there were 5 million millionaires, and at the year 2000 there were 7 million. When 2010 arrived there were 10 million, and by 2020 the numbers are expected to double. That correct! There will be 2O M$LLION Millionaires!

 Wow, Can You Believe It? Yes! We’re talking not hundreds, even thousands, but millions who will become the next new batch of millionaires. Yahoo! Yet there is even better news, what is it? It’s that most of these people will not be, nor will they have come from celebrity backgrounds. They will be your average Jane & Joes, no I’m not kidding, and they will be common people just like the ones you pass by on the street, or sit next to on the bus, train, or plane. And they come from all walks of life, and are every color, shape, and size

Hey! I know what you’re thinking, “how cool!” Maybe there’s a chance one of them could be me? Well, you’re right it very well could be you. Because according to statistics most millionaires are not born into wealth it’s created by whom? “Them.” Now here’s the best news yet, it is that no matter were you’ve come from, what educational background you did, or didn’t get, it doesn’t matter because the playing field is wide open. Any one can play the game and win big if they’ve got skill. Remember: Every skilled is learned, and can be turned into a lucrative venture just like your average Jane or Joe millionaire if you know how to use it.  

 For “how to” go  to my blog here:


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Eat Yourself Skinny”PT.1

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What’s up Groovy People? It’s Joey L. Dowdy, World Dance Groove’s Choreographer/ Host/Instructor and Fitness Motivator.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase,

“I’m so Hungry, I could Eat A Horse.”

What about this popular saying,
I’m Starved; I Haven’t Eaten All Day?

Or, “Yeah I might miss a meal here and there, but that’s okay when I eat I Try to Eat Healthy.”

These are all common phrases that we know all too well.  So, the real question is, can you really make healthy food choices on a growling stomach? Let’s examine this theory.

 Healthy is a 7 letter word that’s often misused, especially when it comes to talking about eating properly. Healthy eating means you should choose foods that give your body the proper nutrients it needs. Those foods should then provide your body with more energy, strength, and lasting durability.

The word healthy as it applies to eating; its true meaning, often gets compromised when deprivation (Starvation) strikes a person.  It creates extreme hunger that makes the urge for food, and getting it quickly the main focus. It then weakens their ability to think clearly when trying to make healthier food choices, and out of desperation they end up reaching for just about anything.

 This is what usually happens when you skip meals, or end up as one might say it, “Starved.”

  * And if your goal is to get a slim body, you’ll never obtain it until you can remember this one thing.

 * Know that the greatest gift you can give, or buy yourself, is a good nutritious meal! Think about it!

It’s one of life’s most enjoyable pleasures!  So Why Deny Yourself?

Eat! Eat Yourself Skinny!

  How? Here’s what you need to know.
Step 1.
   “Skipping Meals Does Nothing Good For Your Body.”

 In fact it, “Slows Down Your Metabolism.” (Your Body’s Engine) Therefore as a result, you will be moving a step further away ( by gaining weight) from your ideal body size and or desired fitness goal.

However, Eating Regularly (Small Healthy Meals Every 4-5 Hrs) will speed up your metabolism ( you’ll lose weight) and you’ll find yourself getting several steps closer to a slimmer trimmer you.

 Note: Plus adding in a little Cardio Each Day will Help You Melt Those Pounds Away.”

 Now, Go Ahead! Eat! Eat Yourself Skinny!