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Joey L. Dowdy’s “GOT $?”

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 Groove On This: Is It Really About The Paper ($)?

I mean, “Do you have money or does $ have you?”

Hmm….Stay Tuned For More!

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                                                           Make My Dream A Reality!

It’s not only on the silver screen you‘ll hear someone say, “Hollywood Here I come!” The fact is thousands are saying it yearly; as they head out to the city of lights. All in which are in hot pursuit to make their star driven dreams a reality. It’s no secret that people come to Hollywood from all around the world. Some will even spend their very last dollar chasing after their dream. Even if they don’t have clue about what it really takes. Yet there is one thing they do know for sure. It’s that they’re willing to risk it all. Why are they? It’s because they believe they’ll only get one shot at making it big. Yet the earth shaking, mind boggling; and soul stirring question will probably always be this.

What does it take?  How can you make it successfully in a place where everyone one wants their piece of the pie; especially when it’s being served out of the same dish? Or is it? I say…..  Stay tunes for more.”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “HELLO PRECIOUS!”

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It’s Nice to Know You!

The good book describes wisdom as having proceeds that are more profitable than silver or gold.  Now here’s the strange yet most intriguing part. Wisdom is called to be a she. And that all the things you desire could never compare to her value, and to how precious she is. So never take her for granted. Except her and say, “Hello Precious, It’s Nice to Know You!”

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