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Joey L. Dowdy’s “VIBRANT & STRONG!”

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To be in tip-top shape is what it’s like to be “Vibrant & Strong!”

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Did you know you can move mountains?

No?  Well, know that you can. What does it take?

It takes this, “Faith!” How much does it take, a pint, a quart, or a gallon?

Well, neither exactly, the answer might surprise you.

Here’s what the good book that brings the good news has to say about it. It says, all you really need to be able to move any obstacle, or mountain, out of your way is faith the grain of a mustard seed.

That’s right folks. Now here’s the most intriguing part, a mustard seed is one of the smallest seeds around. However, it’s small but mighty. Here’s how mighty it is.

When planted it grows into a huge tree that even birds desire to perch themselves up in it to build their nests, and to find shade and comfort. Now think about it, if a mustard seed can grow into a huge tree, just imagine what’ll happen when you start to active your mustard seed of faith. Shall I say, “You Shall Move Mountains?”

Groove On!


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Joey L. Dowdy’s “EFFORT IS THE SEED!”

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Commitment! Hard Work! Pay Off!

All your hard work will not be wasted, nor go unnoticed. It will eventually pay off if you keep this thought in mind. It’s that, “Effort Is The Seed to Blossoming Fresh Ideas!”

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “SEED YOUR NEED!”

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Isn’t it hard to believe when you sink your teeth into a big juicy piece of fruit like, an orange, a peach, or a plum, that its development came from a seed?

However, here’s what’s apparent for you to know. In order for anything to grow, it originates in seed form first. Then the next few steps, or provisions rather, such as it being properly watered, and the nurturing of it with the use of sunlight; weed and pesticide protection, are what aid in its success and growth.

Yet what you should also know is this five step process is also a metaphor for your life. And by following  this example it will teach you how to live a life that flourishes, a life where “You Can Seed Your Need!”

Like this!

The Seed: You deciding to live the life you want. <Follow Your Heart!>

Plant It: You focusing on the vision you see for your desired life. <See It; Feel It!>

Water It: You taking the step to write out exactly what it is you want. <Set It in Stone!>

Nurture It: You executing the step/s of what’s written with eagerness, effort, diligence, and commitment. <Make It Happen!>

Grow: You Living The Results!

< You Celebrating Your Life in Full Bloom!>

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Position!  Practice! PERFORM!

Life is too short not to reach your highest level of achievement. Everyone has in their DNA the ability to rise to the top. How can you? It’s done by learning how to use it. It’s what I call, “The Seed Effect (Three Step Approach.)”

Step 1.

Position Yourself (Plant The Seed)

  • Decide What You Want, Create A Solid Foundation; Let  The World Know You’ve Arrived.

Step 2.

Practice (Water & Nurture The Seed)

*Hone Your Craft; Develop Deep Roots.

Step 3.

PERFORM! (Give The Seed Some Sun Light, and Watch It Grow)

*Execute Your Ability or Passion with Acute Focus, Vision, and Superior Skill.

 This is what I call “The Seed Effect (Three Step Approach);” it’s how you’’ll blossom into achieving your ultimate success when you Position, Practice; PERFORM!




Joey L. Dowdy’s “SEED YOUR FAITH!”

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Worries Be Gone!

A mustard seed of faith is all it takes. So stop worrying and “Seed Your Faith!