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Joey L. Dowdy’s “KNOW THE TRUTH

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Think! Groove! Improvement!

What Is The Truth About Losing Weight?

 The groove to improve anything first starts with being able to take control of your thinking. For example: Most people think that in order for them to lose weight all they really need to do is to eat healthier and exercise more. So they keep trying this method year after year with little to no lasting progress. Yet here’s what they are missing, “The Truth.” What is the truth about losing weight? It is a process that won’t happen overnight. It takes work and time, sure eating health and getting the proper amount of exercise plays a big part of it. But it comes later. What should happen first is this, “Stop The Negative Thinking!”

Here’s what I mean. Until you stop thinking about your image, looks, and body, in a negative fashion (such as being too big, fat, undesirable, or unattractive etc.) Then the changes you desire to happen won’t. Remember: Nothing Responses Well to Dislike or Hatred! Here’s why. Don’t forget your body is alive and well. And much of this is due with your brain sending signals, and or messages, to it about what you’re thinking and feeling. So if you’re constantly pointing out what you don’t like about it, it will hold on to those feeling subconsciously and then present them outwardly. Meaning, regardless to what you do, the weight will keep coming back. As your body will hold to it for protection. So you must,

Pen Point The Good.

That’s why it’s important to first pen point the good things you like about your body, and then make them known. What this will do is plant a seed in your subconscious mind that you appreciate your body for the good it is, and what it does for you. Yet the thing to keep in mind is this, “Nobody Is Perfect!” Then you will mostly likely be able to make any successful changes or improvements you desire.

 So if you are looking to lose weight this is your first step. Then your next few moves should be to get on a healthy eating plan combined along with daily moderate exercise (for at least 30 minutes 5-6 days a week,) adequate sleep( 7-8 hours nightly,) and learn to control your levels of stress.

 Results: If you put this plan into action and stay consistent, which is the key, you and your body will be inspired to stay the course.

Groove….”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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It’s Where The Answers Lie.




When you search from within know that the answers to what you looking for will come. However, do remain open as they may appear in a different or unexpected form. Such as in,

*A Still Small Voice,

*A Gut Instinct,

* A New Revelation, Thought, or A Bright Idea.

 Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>



Joey L. Dowdy’s “PUT A DEMAND ON IT!”

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Know! Ask! Seek!

Whatever You’re Looking For in Life Will Show Up, If You Put A Demand On It.

 Here Are 3 Steps to Placing A Successful Demand On What You Want.

{Step 1.} Know What It Is You Want.

 {Step 2.} Ask For What You Want.

{Step 3.} Seek to Find What You Want. Then Have Patience, As It Will Surely Show Up.

Do You Know What You Want?

Need More Help? Here:

Groove…”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>



Joey L. Dowdy “OH, THANK 7!”

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Step Forward Plan

1. Live in Gratitude

* Be Thankful

2. Grow Your Personal Development

*Know Who You Want to Become

3. Plan Ahead

*Do It The Night Before   

4. Get A Clear Vision For Your Life

               *Focus On What You Want

5. Push Pass Doubt  

*Believe You Can Achieve It                             

6. Take Care of Your Well- Being

Eat Healthy. Sleep Well.  Be Physically Active.

7. Move Your Ideas Forward

*Make the Effort/Do the Work



Joey L. Dowdy’s “STEP FORWARD!”

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   Know The Secret?

The secret to your success is in your daily agenda. What you do each day is either making you tread in place, or it’s taking you a few Steps forward.

How can you start, or continue to “Step Forward?”

 Just Like This.

More soon…




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A Love Story

One day joy and health, who both had heard so much about each other, finally met in passing. Yet when they met, they realized there was an instant attraction. So joy said, “Health, it’s so nice to meet you.” And then health responded by saying, “Joy, it’s my pleasure; it’s so nice to meet you too.”

Next they both said simultaneously, “I’ve heard so much about you. We must meet again soon.” So they did. However, this time they arranged to keep meeting again, again, and again. Until one day they discovered they simply couldn’t live without each other. They were a perfect match, and an inseparable bond.

Final Outcome: They lived happily ever after.

Well, That’s What Happens “When Joy Meets Health.”



Joey L. Dowdy’s “USE THE POWER!”

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Yes, Knowledge is Power. However, It’s Only Powerful When It is Used.
So, When You Get The Knowledge Use The Power.