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Joey L. Dowdy’s “The SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS!”

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Hit Repeatedly!

                 Loud Noise!

                         Affective Blow!

The School of Hard Knocks Institute is now open for enrollment, and is currently looking for new students. Will you be next to sign up, or will you be next to check out?
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The School of Thought!

Hard Knocks! Rocky Roads! High Hopes!

The School of Thought!

Are You Enrolled?

I’m taking about being enrolled in the impressive Ivy League, Sigma Cum Laude, life award winning School of Thought called, “I Can!” However, here’s what I want you to know before you decide to enroll into this continual lifelong course, “It won’t be easy!” Especially if you’re trying to obtain, or even maintain, a 3.5 0r 4.0 grade average. Why is this? It’s because there will be challenges, or others schools of thought that will try to lower your grade point average. Here’s what I mean. They will try to make it very hard for you to hang on to your confident and self-esteem, or the belief that “you can” achieve your goals in spite of the challenges that will come your way.

So, please allow me to introduce to you a few School of thought challengers.

*The School of Hard Knocks Institute

<Whose mission is to make you doubt your ability.>

*Rocky Roads Academy

<Whose mission is to strip away your motivation.>

*Raging Rivers Community College

<Whose mission and structural design is to tell you what you can’t do.>

 *Steep Mountain Performing Arts Center

<Whose mission is to point out why they think you won’t make it. Such saying things like, you’re too old, or too young, or you don’t have the talent, the right look, or body type.>  

* High Hopes (I Can) Scholars World Academy

<Whose mission is to empower you with the thought that, “all things are possible if you believe.”

So, are you ready to enroll? Which one will it be? I Think You Need Impressive Ivy League Hope Hopes Academy. Here’s why. Know that no one can take away from you what was meant for you to have in this lifetime. Especially if you have the school of thought, “I CAN!”



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Why you shouldn’t stop there.

It’s because looking at them alone will only get you so far. That’s why it’s important to learn how to enjoy a good read. It has so many great beneficial. So, spend some time reading. The key is to start reading what you like as long as it’s productive (meaning don’t just look at the pretty pictures!) and beneficial.

However, if you’re not used to reading much, or don’t like to read, but know you need it (we all do!) I suggest you start with just fifteen minutes and then work your way up to thirty minutes per day of reading. What you’ll notice is how little by little it will become easier and more enjoyable. Then before long an- hour, or two- it will come with ease.

More Importantly: You’ll soon discover that looking only at the pretty pictures won’t be enough.




Joey L. Dowdy’s “DROP IN!”

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Reality @ Work
School is the birth place where dreams are shown there vision; where careers are made manifest into reality. It’s the place where you go to DROP IN; NOT OUT!

It’s Reality @ Work.