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Joey L. Dowdy’s “SEND IT RUNNING!”

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Fast Pace!



Groove On This: Moving Forward Requires U Take Action!

When you take action and do what you’re afraid of anyway. You will then send fear running in the other direction.”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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Step, Strut! Stride!

Chase After Your Destiny!

Come now, it’s a New Year. It’s no time to be cute, slothful, or to just lag around.

I want you to be inspired to do this, “Hit The Ground Running!”

So here are 7 Steps that’ll help you “Chase After Your Destiny!”

Step 1. Get frustrated and tired of doing the same ole` things that are getting you nowhere.

Step 2. Implement and Embrace change: Know that it’s what you need. Sure, you may not like at first, but you’ll eventually get use to it.

Step 3. Know What It Is You Want! However, let it start in your head first. I mean, really think about.

Step 4. Lay out the blue print for your life. Map out your plans (goals 😉 write them down.

Step 5. Stop procrastinating and move forward. This is often the hardest part, but it can be the most rewarding once you hit your stride.

Step 6. Go one small step at a time, which will lead you to bigger steps and a major stride.

Step 7. Lace Up Your Shoes and get ready to “Hit The Ground Running!”

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “A Healthy Life!”

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A Healthy Life (Eating Right, Exercising, Getting Proper Rest & Stressing Less) is One Way to Prevent A Short Life.
          Take Action For You


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Show Your FEET Some LOVE”

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When was the last time you thanked your feet for consistently doing such a wonderful job? Or even gave them a complimentary rub?  It’s true our hard working feet have a big job to fill, but unlike other body parts they rarely get the deserved attention.But here’s how!
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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Your GYM Body!”

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It’s true what you do or don’t do for your body, RIGHT NOW, will follow you for years to come. So it’s a must you give it the best care! However you will waste big bucks on expensive gym memberships, and or equipment, if you don’t remember this? 

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