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Joey L. Dowdy’s “PUSH PLAY!”

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Don’t Put Your Purpose on Pause, Instead, “PUSH PLAY!”




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FOR SUCCESS!” So What You’ve Failed!

Count It A Blessing
So what you’ve failed, once, twice, three times or more. That’s okay, now perk up; listen, here’s some really good news.
What you may not realize is if you keep trying in spite of all your failings, so will your successes be numerous and often beyond what you might even expect. Here’s why. Gaining success happens when you’re not afraid to fail and you go for it.
In fact, Failing is Falling For Success. Check This Out.
*It’s success in disguise.  It’s what happens to you to see how badly you want what you desire.
*It makes you strive ahead regardless to all the set backs and rejections you might receive along the way.
*It teaches us that life isn’t always so easy but it’s inevitable your dreams can come true so long as you keep “Failing For Success.”