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Joey L. Dowdy’s “TICK-TOCK TICK -TOCK!”

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But The Question Is, He Really On Your Side?

More soon!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “LIVE IN THE BEAT!”

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                         Let The Movement Begin!

Groove On This: It’s only when you learn how to live in the beat of every moment will you begin to live.”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “CAN U FEEL THE PULSE!”

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Beat! Throb! Flow!

It never stops; its power is in the throb, the beat, the rhythm and the flow. It’s in action 24-7 can u feel the pulse?

Life, It Has A Beat of Its Own.

Groove ON!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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Winner! Defender! Achiever!

An Excerpt from New Book “Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness! Perform!”

The minute she walked out on that stage it was like watching a bull being released from the gate at a championship bullfight. It was almost like I actually saw a bull standing there in the ring (on stage) with smoke exuding from its nostrils while kicking up dust. Instead, it was LDG. She was the bull, and she was ready to trample on anything or anybody that got in her way. Here’s what else you should know. This was no amateur hour, but rather the rhythm of a champion who was ready to score a big win. So you better believe everybody was…………  There’s more, Read On!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “GROOVE IN U R PURPOSE!”

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Rhythm!  Step! Stride!

Loving and Living The Experience!

An Excerpt from New Book “Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness! Perform!”

I was so thrilled to finally get the opportunity to take a summer visit out of town that the very thought of it gave me butterflies. Like what Michael Jackson once sang about on his unbreakable album. That’s because I worked so hard saving up my precious dollars for a special trip I knew would mean the world to me. Well, the day finally arrived. And I couldn’t believe I was stepping foot on the campus of this legendary institute.  Now here’s the deal: The fact that it was a blistering hot summer day did not dampen my excitement over auditioning for PPU’S fall enrollment.

Honestly, I was just so thrilled to be there. I was simply loving and living the experience, the city, the people, and the whole process. Now I see why a friend encouraged me to check this place out. He was right on point when he said, “just being in the rhythm and step of its atmosphere makes you want to “Groove in U R Purpose!” Especially when you get to………  Read ON!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “THE RHYTHM OF LIFE!”

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It’s A Powerful Beat!”




An Excerpt from New Book Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness! Perform!

What confirmed we were heading in the right direction was the allure of this cool, funky techno bass music blasting away. It was coming from what appeared to be the hallway of the future. Which meant there was no doubt we were heading in the right direction. It was so stellar, and each pulsating beat blasting from those speakers made the anticipation of our excitement grow even stronger. And oh how we could feel the “rhythm of life and its powerful beat” with each step we took!”

Groove ON j”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “So You Think You Have No Rhythm?

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Then ThinkAgain!

 I believe there is nothing wrong with being or feeling uncoordinated, however, the problem is you don’t want to remain that way. WHY? Because life feels too darn good not be in step, or not to be able to Get Your Groove On! Know this, “Rhythm is Movement and
Movement is Life!”So if you think you have no rhythm, and you’re a live, then think again.
How so? Here’s how! You may not be aware of it but life itself has rhythm; in fact, any living thing that has a pulse has rhythm. Please know that if it has energy, a heart beat, or a pulse, it has rhythm. The late great Choreographer Bob Fosse composed a sensational song and dance montage around the concept of the rhythm life and its powerful beat. He proved that everybody has rhythm. Don’t believe me we all do? Well, see for yourself, here’s a Rhythm check list!
*We walk to a Rhythm,
*We dance to the beat of a Rhythm (Yeah? Stop! I already know what you’re thinking, that this may be questionable for some. However, it’s possible if you’re willing to learn how and commit yourself to a little practice),
*We run in step with Rhythm,
*We can feel our heart beat to a Rhythm,
*We sing in Rhythm, well, most try anyway. Note:This too may take learning how to and some practice,
*We talk in Rhythm (ever notice what happens when someone stutters, they lose the rhythm of their speech),
*We make love to a Rhythm (Agree, this needs no explanation? 🙂
*We play sports and games to a Rhythm.
As you can see the list can go on and on. Yet the important thing to remember is the next time you hear somebody say, “dude, I have no rhythm. Don’t worry about trying to explain it to them that they do, just let them read this blog.
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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Dancing Your Ass Off!

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 Hi all, Joey L. Dowdy< World Dance Groove> Choreographer, Instructor, and Motivator. There’s a great deal of talk these days about  what diet you should do and which workout is best for dropping those unwanted pounds. Well, here’s a theory,

Dancing Your Ass Off?

MELT Those Pounds AWAY?

 Shape UP?

 Tone UP?

Yeah, it all sounds good but, the Million Dollar question is, “Does It Really Work”?

Can You Get The Body You Really Want From Dancing?

No, I mean, Can You Literally Dance Your Ass Off?

Well! ABC Los Angeles Plus Size Diva “Carla Flagg” says,

Yes! You Can. And she’s here to show you how.

Check her out!