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Joey L. Dowdy’s “DO THE *HEART WORK!”

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 It’ll Thank You! 

I think we tend to over look the importance of having a healthy heart, and really what our small little heart does for us on a daily bases. What DoesIt Do? It never stops working even when we’re a sleep it just keeps on keeping on. It never quits; its sole purpose is designed to help keep us a live. And as you know, “It Does a Remarkable Job.”

What’s so amazing about the heart is each beat uses the same force like what it takes in giving a tennis ball a really good hard squeeze. Here’s another thing. Research studies show when we’re a sleep the muscles of the heart work twice as hard? It’s equal to the same equivalence as the leg muscles of someone sprinting. Isn’t that fantastic news? I certainly think so. 
 Yet I hate to spoil the good news, but there’s some not so good news too. What is it? It’s after all that heart work it does for us; we still don’t take good care of it. It’s one of our most vital organs. And it’s no doubt we can go days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years without ever thinking about it or fully appreciating its worth.
Until one day we discover it’s this lack of attention to maintaining a healthy ticker that’s often lead by living an inactive or sedentary lifestyle. Is one of the reasons why its susceptible to what is now a crisis called, “Heart Disease.”
However, there’s no reason to panic, heart disease is preventable. Therefore all you need to know is the facts about how to keep a healthy heart, as well as make a commitment to DO THE HEARTWORK.” And it starts with learning about Cardiothe great heart conditioner. Here’s what you need to know, CardioDoes a Heart & BodyGood!”
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