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When What You Need Could Be Right in Front of You?

It‘s Like This:


Joey L. Dowdy’s “THE QUESTION IS WHY?”

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Groove On This:  Before You Move Forward Ask Yourself The Question Why? 

Now, Explore These 8 Options.


Joey L. Dowdy’s “WHY SETTLE?”

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8 Reasons to Turn Your Why Into When?

*Why settle for being sad, when you can find plenty of things to be happy about!

 *Why settle for being an average Jane or Joe, when you can instead, become an exceptional Dame or Moe!

 *Why settle for being on the bottom, when you have the ability to “Rise to the Top!”

 *Why settle for only surviving; just getting by, when you have the resources to, “Thrive” and go way beyond what seemed possible!

*Why settle for being second rate, when you can make first class your natural date!

 *Why settle for someone who won’t treat you right, when you should know, eventually someone else will come along and love you with all their might!

 *Why settle for little pay, when you can (by asking) get the $ ka-ching you deserve, and call it a day!

 *Why settle for going into another year singing the blues about not having made any achievements, or prosperous financial gain? When you can sketch out a fresh new tune entitled, “This is the year I’ll hit it big, and enjoy a little green power pain!”