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Joey L. Dowdy’s “GoodBYE Mr. Wrong; Hello Mr. RiGHT!”

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Groove On This: Good Fruit Is Oh So Tasty!

It’s only takes one bad apple to spoil a whole bushel. Well, it’s the same when it comes to the kind of people you should center yourself around.

I mean why should you settle for a sour pickle (wrong,) when you can have a sweet peach (right)? It’s like this!

When the wrong people leave your life it makes room for the right people to come in. And when the right people come into your life right things happen. Yet the right people can’t come in until the wrong people leave. So, don’t you think it’s time to say, “Goodbye Mr. Wrong ; Hello Mr. Right?””>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>



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Need a little discipline? Yeah? You do? Well, if so, listed below are six ways it shows you how it does the do.

*Sticks and stones may break your bones, but having a little discipline will never hurt you.

*Discipline will only push you as far as you’re willing to go.

*Discipline makes no apologies, and feels no pain.

*Discipline will never beg you to get with it; nor will it turn you away.

* Discipline is very much aware that the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few.

*You’ll never go broke with discipline because it pays off in big ways!

Groove ON! j…”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “A REAL STINGER!”

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Some Can’t Live With It, and Others Can’t Live Without It.

What Am I Talking About?  It’s Discipline. Boy, It’s A Real Stinger. How So? Well, It’s Like This……  More Soon!

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