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If They Did It Then So Can You.

Here are a few one liner excerpts from Get Up & Groove Step Into Greatness! Perform!

 {Jump Over Hurdles}

Lean Mean Plus Size Dancing Machine

“From that point on, I was hooked; Honey, I did my best to keep up and end on the beat like everyone else.”

{Move Pass Doubt}

Exercise Your Mind

I realized I had the confidence to do it, and from there on that I went full speed ahead.”

{Step Into Your Future}

Call Me, Diva Diana

“Now My New Life Begins.”

What Will Your “QUANTUM LEAP SUCCESS” One Liner Be?

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “ANY SIZE WILL DO!”

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Are you over weight, or morbidly obese?

 Do you think you’re too big to join in on physical activities you’ve only, thus far, dreamed about doing?

 Have you given up hope?

Does the attempt to even try bring about sheer embarrassment due to your size?

 Well, if so, I think you might see things differently after reading this.

 Here’s Another Sneak Peek Excerpt From Get Up & Groove! Step Into Greatness! Perform!

 Lean, Mean, Plus Size Dancing Machine

 Don’t let fear stop you from trying something new.

Okay! As I mentioned earlier the word “exercise” can be a bit scary for some “plus-size divas.” Here’s why. At my highest weight of 294 pounds, I remember thinking like most plus-sizes I had to be smaller in size in order to do certain activities such as dancing, going to the gym, lifting weights, swimming, aerobics, etc. Well, I’ve learned it’s a big misconception and you can do them all at any size, just remember to,

 Do what? I know you’re just living to find out? Please, Go Here: