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Joey L. Dowdy’s ”WISH COME TRUE!”

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Fat Be Gone PT. 1










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Why put your Life, when it pertains to your good health, in the hands of (doctors, hospitals etc.) or some else? Did you know it is ultimately your own hands that have the ability to make a life changing and saving difference?
What does it take? It takes you obtaining, writing out & following through with a do able plan? What Plan? It’s should be your Plan!
You Do Have One Don’t You?
So, “Handle Your Health!

Joey L. Dowdy’s “NEVER STOP MOVING!”

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A Body In Motion Will Continue to Have Motion if You Keep It Moving. So, “Never Stop Moving!”



Joey L. Dowdy’s “Got Full Body Fitness?”

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 Do You Desire to Get into Tip Top Shape? Sure You Do, We All Do!

Well, before you spend anymore hours at the gym or dance studio working out like a maniac trying to sculpt up, or dance down those unwanted pounds, it’s important that you know this.

New research shows that short intense workouts using full body movement, meaning, working different parts of your body simultaneously (at the same time) is your best bet for a complete total body work out.

 Why? It’s because short workouts between 35-45 minutes each quickly fatigue as well as challenges your muscles. It does this by giving them little time to rest (cooling down)in between sets, or exercises, unlike longer workouts. Therefore the more muscles groups working together to perform an exercise combined along with the intense pace helps increase endurance, builds up muscle strength, and heats up your at work inner furnace by firing up your metabolism.
It’s also the best way to utilize more oxygen which results in you burning fat, and more total calories longer. Wait! It gets even better.
The Results: You Can Burn Calories Sometimes For Days After.”
Now, Do I here a “Hallelujah for Full Body Fitness” any one? I though you’d agree!


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Your GYM Body!”

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It’s true what you do or don’t do for your body, RIGHT NOW, will follow you for years to come. So it’s a must you give it the best care! However you will waste big bucks on expensive gym memberships, and or equipment, if you don’t remember this? 

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Movement Works Wonders!”

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It Does A Body Good!

Where there is Movement there is Life, Motion, and Change. Movement is essential to our journey and it has a wide range of benefits for the total Body, Mind, and Soul Experience. It’s Energy in Motion, for instance, its mood enhancing power can turn A Bitter Day, and or person, into one that’s Brighter, Sweeter, and just simply Better. As well as by indulging yourself in a daily dose of it can have outstanding affects that Support, Build Up, Release, Heal, and “Transform Your Body.” How so you might ask? Well, Read On!

It’s an age old formula called, “Exercise.” Exercise especially Cardio; “Does A Body Good.” Yet all it takes is doing about 30-60 minutes a day which will work wonders for your cardio vascular systems good health. Physical activity is a plus and a must for proper body functions, so participating in activities such as Dancing, Walking, Swimming, Sports, or any other energy booster that gets the heart rate pumping has huge pay offs. It should also be combined with strength training 3 days a week with activities like ,weight training, Yoga, and Pilates for maximum results. However, “YOU MUST MAKE TIME FOR IT” even if you have to break it up into 15 minute increments. “Doing What You Can is Better Than Nothing at All.”

Remember: You Value Yourself When You Invest in Your Body.

Here’s a list of just some beneficial Wonderful Works of Movement.

Cardio Does:

Speeds Up Your Metabolism (Aids in Weight Loss)

Provides For A Healthy Heart (Fights Cardio Vascular Disease)

Cleanses The Body (Releasing Toxins & Free Radicals)

Aids in Weight Loss

Relieves Stress

A Great Memory Enhancer

< Strength Training w/Weights>

Builds Muscle Strength

Speeds Up the Metabolism

Reshapes & Defines Your Body

< Strength Training w/Stretching Techniques>

Promotes Deep Breathing & Better Breathing Patterns

Make Joints/Bones Strong and More Flexible
Increases Cardio Endurance

Increases Circulation (Helps Alleviate Pain For Osteoporoses, Arthritis etc.)

Releases Stress (Healing Aid For Sadness, Depression, Addiction etc.)

Supports & Builds Up Muscle Strength