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Groove On This: U R Feet Don’t lie!

 Hey, let me ask you this, if your shoes could talk what do you think they would say about you? Do you think they’d be naughty and display some of your most personal secrets, or would they be nice and say a few kind and caring words about you their owner? For instance would they perhaps say……? More Soon!

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Joey L. Dowdy”s “HOW DO YOU FILL?”

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Empty? Full? Overflowing?

I’m sure you’ve heard the metaphor that asks the question “Is the glass half empty, or half full? Which I must admit is a question that makes you go, Hmmm? As well as it leaves you scratching you head trying to decide on an answer. So, what’s your answer? Okay, now, here’s what I think. I think the answer you give will be subjective; it will be solely based on your own perception.

Some will see the glass as half empty, and others will see it as half full.

Yet the question remaining is does it really matter? I would say no! What matters is there is still room left in the glass for you do as you’re please. So since this is a metaphor about life, why not fill the remaining of the glass up with your hopes, dreams and desires.

Then that way the glass won’t remain empty, or be half full, because you filled it up to the brim!

“Emptiness Is No Good, Fullness Is What You Want!”



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Joey L. Dowdy’s “PLUG INTO YOUR

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                                 PERSONAL POWER!”

Make A Choice!

It’s a fact that you will go through tough times that can bring about pain, discomfort, and discouragement, such as, a job loss, a relationship break up, failed pursuits; financial setbacks etc. And it as well begs the  question and thought, “What do I do now?” Well, here’s the answer. You must “Make A Choice.”

Take Control!

  You can either make the choice to let your pain, frustration, and discouragement, take control over your life in a negative and destructive way by letting it stop you dead in your tracks. Or you can get your a groove on and “Plug Into Your Personal Power” by using these pain inducing situations to drive you.

Go forward!

Meaning, you can use them as fuel to turn things around to work for you in a productive way. How can you? You can do this by keeping in mind that tough times won’t last forever. Things will change. So, whenever adversity strikes, don’t let it stop you dead in your tracks. Instead, try switching lanes. Let the pain and frustration you feel from its impact drive you to maintain a positive outlook on life; and continue to move forward in spite of any unfortunate circumstance.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “MAKE IT PERSONAL!”

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Desire! Want! Need!

When You Make It Personal, It Will Give Your Life Purpose.”

Check out this excerpt from “Get Up & Groove! Step Into Greatness! Perform!”

 Honestly, I liked what I felt and the challenge it brought. I didn’t mind the sacrifice, along with the blood, sweat, and tears it would take for me to achieve my dreams. You see, it’s because I was on a mission; it was a personal mission.

What was it for? Find out here:

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