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Joey L. Dowdy’s “FLIP THE PAGE!”

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Groove On This: Its What’s On The inside; That’s What Really Matters.

U can’t judge a book (or a person) by its cover ( what’s outside) until you open (speak with, or get to know) and read it (them.) That’s when you‘ll get to see (know) what’s truly inside. And if you like what you’re reading (seeing) then just flip the page.



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Life Would Be Boring Without Them!

It’s our differences that make us who we are, as well as the world what it is. In fact, if we were all the same the world would be a very dry and boring place. Yet what makes it mild, wild, and spicy, or even cool and exciting, is how we’re able to share and express our differences. As we each has something different to offer.

It’s because no one person looks, thinks, or acts, exactly like the other. Which make us interesting, and interested in wanting to know more about each other. So, go ahead; don’t be afraid to “ExpressYour Differences!” Just Like This:

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