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 Your Attitude Will Determine How High You’re Going to Fly.

So How High Do U Want To Fly?

It Can Change The Whole Experience  

Will You Sail, or Soar?

Here’s A Sneak Peek Excerpt From Get Up & Groove! Step Into Greatness! Perform!


When the waiter returned with her order, the minute he set it down, she immediately ripped into him again. This time it was about how he didn’t listen to her specific request as to how she wanted the food prepared. Then she demanded he take it back, which he did.

And that made me think, boy! DD is a great actress because she’s really working the Diana Diva attitude thing, but isn’t she going a little over board? Shouldn’t she? I couldn’t figure out why she…….. What did she do?

Well, things are just starting to heat up. Find out more right here:

Groove…”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>