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Is it Small, Medium or LARGE?”

What DO You Want FromYour Life?

Did you know the only reason why you don’t have what you want in your life is because “You Really Don’t Believe You Can Have It?”Know This!The size of your Belief determines the size of what you get out of your life. Such as, if you think small and believe that big things seem to never come your way, you’ll only get small things as a result.

However, if you think big,and too believe big,you’ll get evenBIGGERresults. That’s why it’s so important to let your thoughts be continually centered on good things; in knowing that you can, and will, have what ever you want for your life, if you believe it to be.The truth is you alone attract what it is you’re thinking; and in reality, which can sometimes be the shocking part; “It’s Attracted to You”.That’s right! What you think is what you get, and by your belief you determine the size of it; rather it’sSmall, Medium or LARGE.




Joey L. Dowdy’s “Gear Up For Your Day Ahead!”

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“Don’t Just Start Your Day Off Right, Keep It Right.” Life doesn’t always present us with our ideal situation in which to live it, and or to pursue our dreams.  But that’s where hunger and having a burning desire for success will keep you motivated, and “Moving Forward.”  You know you can’t always rely on situtions, or on other people for your motivation, sometimes you have to do it yourself by “Keeping Yourself Motivated.”

So why let your day be half full with Worries, Anxiety, and Stress when you can make it a complete day full of inspiration by continually feeding your Body, Mind and Soul. Here are seven of my favorite daily affirmations I’ve composed and pulled up just for you. You can refer to them anytime you need a lift, or personal “Life Boost.” These powerful thoughts will surely help you keep your day and life Active, Alive, and Well.


“Why Just Go Through The Day, “Get Something From The Day!”

“Whatever, Whenever, However, “Just START MOVING!”

“Work Your Plans, Then Relax, Wait,  And Let Your Plans Work For You!”

‎”It Takes No More Effort to Think Negative Than It Does POSITIVE!”

“Your Body is Your Temple so, Fill It Up With The Finest Yet Build It to Last.”

“It’s Not What You Have, It’s What You Become.”

‎”Having An Idea is Great, However, Taking Action is What Makes It Happen!”

Groove ON!