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Part 2

Are you concerned about your weight? Are 20, 40 or 50 pounds over weight?

Are you 100 pounds, or more, overweight and considered to be morbidly obese?

Do people stare at you, or some even make fun of you?

Does it bother you, or make you want to appear to be invisible when you walk into a room, in hopes that no one will look at you. Because you’re a shamed of your weight, size, and how unattractive you think you look?

Do you often flip through popular magazines and fantasize about looking like celebrities, sports or super models, and their slim trim body by pretending it’s your own?

You are Not Your Size, but Rather Your Thoughts!

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Joey L. Dowdy’s OBESITY! What’s Food Got to Do with It?”

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(Part 1)

It’s apparent that most people equate food and overeating as the real problem, or reason, for Obesity’s epidemic. But is it really? Yet like with every problem there is a cause, and a root that stems deep. So is food or eating too much of it really the problem, or is it something more? What’s Food Got to Do with It?It’s like this.

I would say you’ll discover as you journey with me through this maze that food is not the problem. However, people’s unhealthy choices towards what foods they’re eating and over indulging in it, yeah, that’s a problem. But I would say no to food itself being the sole perpetrator. In fact, we need food for our survival. It’s no doubt that good nutritious food is what fuels our brain, body, and soul. It’s a good thing. Food serves a purpose; that purpose is to use it strictly as a nutritional source to fulfill our hunger needs and nothing more. It shouldn’t be about Living to Eat, but rather Eating to Live.”Yet that’s not what’s been happening, something different has.What is it?

The problem is that people have been using food the incorrect way, and are restoring to it for the wrong reasons. Therefore this misrepresentation of its proper use along with a few influences by unhealthy predators, or contributors, has become a major link to obesity’s outburst. What do I mean? How so, might you ask? Okay, here’s the dirt. As well as where it gets interesting.

Here’s the deal. The unhealthy influences I’ve been talking about are two that are known all too well. Who or rather, what are they? They are fast food and junk food, or better known as, “comfort foods“. This is where they take the stage. In fact, they’ve began to dominate many people’s lives which relates to another reason for this outbreak. Yet it’s also why these foods have become, for millions, a reliable source. A source that’s being used not just for eating sake, but also as a vice that many are gravitating to more for convenience and comfort.

Here’s how. Many people say that they resort to eating comfort foods because it provides for them away toescape, it’s a safe haven. It’s like an addictive drug that temporarily helps them relieve their pain, problems, and or frustrations. Some even say its equivalent to having a comforting friend, lover, or spouse whose aid and ease helps them get through rough times. Therefore it makes them want to eat more, and more, and more! As well as its soothing comforts indeed makes them feel happier. Or so they think? More Soon!