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Joey L . Dowdy’s “OH, SO GOOD!”

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When you’re in good health, and in good shape, it makes you feel good. Actually, it makes you feel like there is nothing in the world you can’t do.
And that too simply makes you feel, “OH, SO GOOD!”


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         Plays It Back!

 Did you know that the Mind/Brain is a sensitive organ; it functions according to what it’s being feed? Did you know it’s also known as the great recorder?  What does it record?  Here’s what! It records “EVERYTHING” and the true is; it will at some point play back what it records.  So, my question to you is, do you know what yours is playing back? I would say probably not; because if you’re like most people you never think about.

 Well, that’s the problem; especially if you’re not getting out of your life “what you truly deserve.” Here’s why. You should always know what you’re feeding your brain; because what you give it results in the consequences or results that will follow. For example: If you’re constantly giving it rubbish by thinking and speaking negatively which does nothing but bring about feelings that produce anxiety, stress, fear, doubt and limitation.

 Then you can expect the results from the great recorder to play back your thoughts accordingly through your life. Therefore, in this case, your life will become a reflection of unfavorable circumstance you’ve unknowing created through your talk and thoughts.

However, now on the other hand, when your T & T (talk & thoughts) are positive you’ll see another side of the great recorder.  What will you see? You’ll find that the Play Back and Pay Back will be much more rewarding. How so? The results and the experiences of your will be different. Therefore you can expect a stimulating life that will flourish in delivering you the peace, joy, conquest, hope, and prosperity you deserve.

So, I ask, since this is your life and you get to make the choices,

What do you want the GREAT RECORDER to play back for you?  In fact, what is being played back in your life right now?



Joey L. Dowdy’s “KEEP THE FAITH!”

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Doubt Sees the Problem,

Faith Has the Solution.

Doubt Sees the Darkness,

Faith Lives in the Light.

Doubt Hesitates to Move Forward,

Faith Keeps On Steppin On.

Doubt is Full of Questions,

Faith Delivers the Answers.

Doubt says, “Things May Not Work Out.”

Faith says, “I’ve Already Worked It Out!”




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You can find hope in what feels like there is none, if you keep this is mind. Struggle is a disguise for strength; it has the ability to bring out our inner strengths when we’re faced with what appears to be adversity.  It signifies that life’s trials and tribulations are what we must go through (Strength) in order to get to (Strategy) where ever we desire (Success) to be. Here’s a deeper look; it’s in Knowing.

*It is Strength in Knowing That You Can Get Through Any Situation if You Learn How to Persevere.

*It is Strategy in Knowing That You Can Always Extract a Lesson Learned from Every Experience.

*It is Success in Knowing That Something Good Usually Comes from The Struggle, and in Overcoming Any Obstacle, Mishap or Temporary Defeat. 

  Therefore always know there is, “STRENGTH IN THE STRUGGLE.”


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Celebrate, Your Health is Your Wealth”

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A Functioning Mind and Body is Worth More Than ItsWeight in Gold! So, What Price Are You Willing to Pay to Have It at Its Best?


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Bye! Bye! Stress!”

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Visualize Your Stressful Situations Riding by on a Conveyor Belt; Now See Them Labeled “Good-Bye” as They D.r.o.p. OFF! One by One.

Joey L. Dowdy’s “GO THERE!”

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The Mind is Powerful, It Can Take You Places Through Visualization & Imagination Where Your Body Can’t, so Do Yourself A Favor and just “GO THERE!”