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Joey L. Dowdy’s “HAIR HE IS!”

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 Then finally we reached the top, flung open the door, and like magic, the wizard appeared. Wow, I couldn’t believe it, “Hair He Was!” And he was dressed to conquer. Well actually, now I know, it was more like his version of dressing for success. What also caught my attention was that even though he was teaching a dance class, not one single strand of hair on his head seemed to be out of place.

But here’s what really had me puzzled. I couldn’t quite figure out why only the sides of his hair were wet, especially with all the sweating he did. It was a mystery too that his hair didn’t appear to be straight, wavy, or curly. Sure, it looked great but the texture of it seemed to have had a mind of its own. Until one day I asked a friend of mine whose hair never seemed to get fully wet either about it. What did he say?  Well, what he revealed to me shocked the…… What? Well, find out. Read On…..”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “PSYCH U R OUT!”

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Who? What? When? Where?

Check this out! An Excerpt from New Book “Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness! Perform!”

 Their main objective is to scope and try to psych out their competition. Their strategy is to approach select people who they feel could possibly be a threat to them and then put a little nervous fear, and/ or intimidation, under their feet. Or even perhaps scare them away so that they, the predators, stand a better chance of getting the job. Or so they think. Does it work? I would say, hmmm, sometimes. How does it work? Check this out. They often go up to the people they’ve selected…….What happens next will amaze you, Read ON…”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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Which R. U.?

Are You Hocused by Your Lack of Ability, or Are You Focused On Your Greater Potential?

  Hocused or Focused? Which R. U.?




Joey L. Dowdy’s “REINVENT YOU!”

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Start Fresh; Start New.

If you do what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you always get. Unless, you learn how to change it up. That’s when you will start to see and experience new results. So, all you need to do is “Reinvent Yourself; start something fresh and new. Know that now is the time to,

*Step out on faith,

*Execute your ideas,

*Do something bold,

*Perhaps something that scares you,

*Change things up,

*Perform the unconventional, and move forward into uncharted territory.

This is what it takes, now, “Reinvent You.”



Joey L. Dowdy’s “YOU WILL!”

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You will get it back again, no matter what the naysayers think. Trust Yourself and Your abilities.  Now get to work because “YOU WILL” get it back again.



Joey L. Dowdy’s “START WHERE YOU ARE!”

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Life Is Too Short To Wait Another Moment.

          Lose Those Extra Pounds,

                          Go For That Dream Job;

                                     Attempt Some New. 

                    So,“START WHERE YOU ARE!”




Joey L. Dowdy’s “DRIVEN!

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*Win! Win! Win!

 What Does It Mean?  Winning is about doing your best no matter what the position; if it’s a 1st place or 3rd place.  Yet this is what it takes to become an “AUTOMATIC WINNER!” 

Know That: When You Step Up to Meet Any Challenge That Alone Automatically Makes You A Winner.”




Joey L. Dowdy’s “ IT’S ABOUT ACTION!”

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Talk is Cheap.

Let Your Actions Be The Attraction.




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FOR SUCCESS!” So What You’ve Failed!

Count It A Blessing
So what you’ve failed, once, twice, three times or more. That’s okay, now perk up; listen, here’s some really good news.
What you may not realize is if you keep trying in spite of all your failings, so will your successes be numerous and often beyond what you might even expect. Here’s why. Gaining success happens when you’re not afraid to fail and you go for it.
In fact, Failing is Falling For Success. Check This Out.
*It’s success in disguise.  It’s what happens to you to see how badly you want what you desire.
*It makes you strive ahead regardless to all the set backs and rejections you might receive along the way.
*It teaches us that life isn’t always so easy but it’s inevitable your dreams can come true so long as you keep “Failing For Success.”