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It’s Time to Unwrap Your Gift!

 The Complete  Package Is A Gift We All Desire to Have? But the question is what does it take to obtain it? I would say the best way to find out is by example; it’s to learn from “someone who has it.” Check This Out!  

 Here’s Another Sneak Peek Excerpt From Get Up & Groove! Step Into Greatness! Perform!

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 Meet Funky Mr. T. (The Complete Package)

Looks: (Personality/Appeal) Then finally we reached the top, flung open the door, and like magic, the wizard appeared. Who was he? He was this `5 7` bleached blond Caucasian man with a strong build who wore wire-rimmed glasses and had a neatly trimmed mustache.

Dress: (Style/Originality) And boy, I could tell right away Mr. T. took his craft seriously as he even dressed the part. Well actually, now I know, it was more like his version of dressing for success. He wore a very creative clothing ensemble. It was one of the most interesting ensembles I’d ever seen.

Talent: (Uniqueness/ Knack) His passion for music and dance was everything to me. You see, Mr. T. possessed a very special gift. He could put on any piece of music, listen to it several times, and then have a complete routine all figured out. The freaky thing was that he had a knack for hearing musical phases that the normal ear couldn’t pick up. It was like he was able to get inside the music and pluck it from the roots. Then the finishing touch would be how he brilliantly made the reflection of the musical piece fit his choreography.

Success: (Stand Out/Stand Apart) There’s no doubt this is one of the many attributes that made Mr. T. “Stand Out and Stand Apart” from other instructors. What I know for sure is, no matter what he did,

Is that all? Not in the least bit, there is much more to learn about being “The Complete Package”. Carry On:

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