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Joey L. Dowdy’s “FEELINGS WHOA!”

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Feelings are the language of your mind, body, and soul. They speak and try to get your attention in so many ways. They let you know when things don’t feel quite right, as well as when they feel oh so right. Feelings whoa!  whoa! whoa!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>



Joey L. Dowdy’s “IT SPEAKS & LISTENS!”

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 Can You Hear It?

A small inner voice, a hunch, or an idea, all are ways the universe communicates with you. It hears you all the time, even when you are a sleep.

The good book says, “Day after day it pours forth speech; and night after night it displays knowledge. “    

So know that “It Speaks & Listens!”



Joey L. Dowdy ‘s *Fitness Made Fabulous*

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What’s Up All You Beautiful People? It’s Joey.

I know what’s up, did you eat too much July 4th food? And now you’re feeling sluggish, tired, and weighted down? Well, I’ve got the perfect pick me up that’ll help motivate you to get back in the Groove.

Want More Energy? What About More Stamina?

Want to Burn! Baby! Burn! Off Those Calories?

Want to Feel Rejuvenated and Full of Life? Want to Have Some Fun?

Well, I’ve Got Your Post July 4th Holiday Secret. It’s called,

“Cardio Does A Body Good”!

Check This Out!