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Joey L. Dowdy’s “U SKINNY THING!”

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One Slimming Strategy  

                            No Need to Starve Yourself

Yeah I bet you ‘re dying, excuse me, I mean living, to know one of the easiest things you can do to help you get on the fast track to a slimmer trimmer you?

Did I hear a yes? I though you might; now here’s the deal.

It’s something researchers say that if done daily has great benefits towards your good health, and shrinking waistline. What is it?

It’s Eating A Good Healthy Breakfast. Why?

*Studies show that those who eat a good healthy breakfast are usually slimmer than those who skip it.  But wait, don’t freak out, instead join in and reap the rewards. Here’s how!

Listed below are three beneficial things in which eating a good healthy breakfast will do for you. It will,

*Fuel your brain and body the right way, if you give it the healthy nutrients it needs.

*Speed Up Your Metabolism (which starts the fat burning process.)

*Provide you with the lasting energy you’ll need to get through the morning. In addition, you’ll be more likely to continue the fat burning process by eating something healthy every three- four hours. It as well will give you the “Get Up & Go” Power to keep active throughout the day.

*So I ask why starve yourself all day only to end up gaining weight? When you can do this one simple thing; Eat A Good Healthy Breakfast, and enjoy hearing others say to you those three magic words. Now say it with me, U SKINNY THING!




Joey L. Dowdy’s “THAT’S TOO MUCH!”

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Fitness Tip 101

Have you been working like a crazed person by trying everything in the book to get rid of those unwanted pounds? Do you feel like you’ve working, day in and day out, and spite of all your diligence nothing seems to be working? Or working fast enough? Well, let me tell, there could be a reason why it’s not working. Have you ever stopped to consider this?You might be doing too much too; too soon. Because in all reality, slow and steady is the best way to go; especially if you’re trying to reach your ultimate physical fitness goals. Are you? Yes? I thought so. Okay, listed below are four tips on how you can work up to reaching your ideal fitness goals.

#1 Avoid Doing Too Much!

Most people try to do too much too soon which results in them getting burned out.Instead they should go slow and steady by taking it one step at a time.Doing this will at least get you moving and grooving forward. Therefore the goal is to create a level of consistency which also creates a body rhythm of forward motion.

For example: Trying to do too much exercise all in one day like walking or running for an hour, or more, followed by an hour dance class, and then an hour of strength training, can be too. This is a caution; especially if you’re just starting out or trying to get back into shape.

#2 Work Up to It!

However, here’s what you should do. You must work up to that level of fitness, or you’ll get in over your head. The reason why? It’s that once your adrenaline kicks it you’ll feel fine at first, but sooner than later you’ll get burned out. Plus, the most dangerous part is you could possibly get injured due to tried, over worked, and or, fatigued muscles.

#3 Break It Up

Do This. Break up your fitness regime into two days.Day one, do an hour of cardio (heart conditioning, & body detoxification exercises) and really concentrate on maximizing the full hour. Make sure you’re fully executing the moves (no half stepping). Plus you should try to keep your heart up for at least 30 minutes, and in addition to practice proper form followed by good breathing technique. ….

Note: Don’t forget to stretch before and after your work out.

Then Day twostart out with maybe a warm up 15 to 20 min walk, or run, then followed that by an hour, or so, of strength building exercise like yoga, pilates, or a combination of weights, pulls ups, push ups, stretch bands, or my exotic tone workout. Making this switch is great because the emphasis then becomes more about the importance of how you can use different moves, and or techniques, to work your core as well as build muscle and body strength. Which weall know helps to burn fat for longer lengths of time.

Note: The key is to go slowly then you can add in more intensity as you grow stronger and develop more stamina.

# 4 A Habit

More Importantly: Making your regime fully doable will give you a sense of accomplishment; therefore also making it easier to strive for the number one key element. What is it?

*Make Your Exercise Regime a Daily and Consistent Healthy Habit.