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Joey L. Dowdy’s “JUST BE YOU!”

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Let FreedomRing

People will try to tell you to do it like this, or to be like that, which often at times can be helpful. Yet Life s true lessons and rewards happen best when you learn how to do this.

Just Be YOU!

That s When The Bells of Freedom Will Ring.



Joey L. Dowdy ‘s ” YOUR TIME WORTH?”

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Time Properly Invested (Hardworking, Focused, Committed & Dedicated) is Worth a Fortune, Time Poorly Used (Procrastination, Unfocused, Unfaithful & Flakey) is Worth Nothing!

 So, I Ask, “What’s Your Time Worth?”


Joey L. Dowdy’s “Bounce Back!”

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Be Like A Ball, the harder it falls the higher it can bounce back.” Don’t be crushed by a fall and stay down, rather, use its forceful impact to help “Spring Yourself Up” again.Here’s why! Most often you can rise up higher than you were before, if you strive to do what it takes to get back on track. Know that something times a fall or hard hit could be Nature’s way saying, “This is Your Wake Up Call; It’s Time to Change Things Up.” It could be presenting to you a fresh new start, or an opportunity to grow. May be even a way for you to be Bigger, Bolder, Better, and to HEY! Bounce Back!

Joey L. Dowdy’s “DO LOOK INSIDE!”

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Don’t look outside yourself to find out who you are, or let other people’s opinion influence, or shape your own perception. Instead, look inside, it’s the pathway to seeing your true self; it’s where you’ll learn how to seek, create, develop and eventually become who you really are. So, Go Ahead, Try It, Start Now; “DO LOOK INSIDE!”

Joey L. Dowdy’s”KEEP MOVING!”

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If you’re going through a struggle or tough times, don’t throw the towel in just yet. Here’s something YOU MUST KNOW!“What’s in front of you is far more important than what’s behind you. Where you are going is most definitely far more significant than where you came from or where you have been. So don’t give up KEEP MOVING!”

Joey L. Dowdy “BRAIN FOOD!”

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 How Does Your Brain Work? ~Everything You See, Think, Hear, Feel and Touch is Controlled by Your Brain!” *Food For Thought!

Joey L. Dowdy’s ” No One Can Flatten Your DREAMS!”

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“No One Can Flatten Your Dreams,No Matter How Big or Small, If *YOU BELIEVE, Keep Them Inflated & Breathe Life Into Them.” GO BIG DREAMS!