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Shimmer! Shine! Celebrate!

            Do It with A Poetic Touch!

When you make happiness a holiday you’ll find that it’s more than a temporary celebration, or perhaps just having a few days off work.

Instead it becomes more like being on a retreat where there are always plenty of smiles, laugher, and rarely any smirks.

That’s right. When you make happiness a holiday you’ll say” cheers to the season;” in spite of having to listen to a few of life’s haters who may feel like, there’s really no reason.

Sure, I realize life doesn’t always play for us a chorus of jingles bells, have sparkly lights, nor is it a perfect shimmer or shine.

However, when you make happiness a holiday, rest assure your stockings with be filled with an endless supply of  good times.” Especially when it’s shared with friends and family who like you- love to wine and dine!

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “EFFORT IS THE SEED!”

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Commitment! Hard Work! Pay Off!

All your hard work will not be wasted, nor go unnoticed. It will eventually pay off if you keep this thought in mind. It’s that, “Effort Is The Seed to Blossoming Fresh Ideas!”

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “Discipline Delivers The Gold!”

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 15 Winning Tips to Up Your Game!

 Discipline, the word alone can sometimes be intimidating nonetheless thinking about what it takes to obtain it. However, here’s the question, what does it take? Or how can one really benefit from what it has to offer? What‘s the big pay off?

Well, the answer is plain and clear if you watched this year’s 2012 Olympics.  Where you saw first hand what having discipline can do. What can it do? It can take to you *straight to the top to where ever you desire to go with your life.


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Joey L. Dowdy’s ” No One Can Flatten Your DREAMS!”

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“No One Can Flatten Your Dreams,No Matter How Big or Small, If *YOU BELIEVE, Keep Them Inflated & Breathe Life Into Them.” GO BIG DREAMS!


Joey L. Dowdy “Create Your Own Luck”

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 Why sit around waiting for a hand out when all you need is a hand. Your OWN! Here’s why.

 People who have fulfilling careers have made it that way. How so? They believe and invest in themselves and then use it as a process to pursue and fulfill their dreams.
It’s like they wave a magic wand towards creating their own luck. Here, Wanna try it for yourself? Do these.

Get A Clear Vision For Your Future Goals.

 Focus Your Energy On Building Skills.
Fine Tune Your Skills/Talents and Become An Expert.
Make It A Point to Learn From Others.
Sell Yourself and Your Enthusiasm.
Do What You Love and Love What You Go.