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Joey L. Dowdy’s “MAKE THEM!”

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The People who get ahead in life don’t sit around waiting for things to happen, they Get Up and “Make Them” Happen!




Joey L. Dowdy’s “CHANGE HAPPENS!”

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When you do this!

Discover. Execute.

Change happens when you discover that you have the power to execute and make a difference not only in your life, but in other lives as well.




Joey L. Dowdy’s “TAKE A CHANCE!”

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This Could Be The One

We are giving many so chances to get things wrong, but it only takes one change to get it right!
*Like if you’re a dancer who finally nails a triple pirouette (turn) after so many failed attempts.
*Or a student who finally passes an exam you failed so many times.
*Or you finally landed that dream job that you applied, or auditioned for year after year.

Even the good book says that time, and chance, happens to them all. Yet it also says that faith without works won’t get you anywhere.

You Must Put It Work; Step Out, and “Take A Chance.”




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Make It A Date To Get Things Done!

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Good Things Are Happening Everyday

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you and presenting you with the unexpected. Now here’s the thing. We all know that living life comes with learning how to take the good with the bad.

Yet no matter how bad a thing may appear to be, when the storm (challenge) is over, you can always count on finding a rainbow in the clouds.If you believe, picture, and expect good things tohappen. Why?

It’s because life is so good to us, and we should always be on the look out to “Meet The Unexpected.”

For example you might encounter an unexpectedfavor, an unexpected lucrative and prosperous find, an unexpected mental and or physicalbreakthrough, an unexpected


promotion, an unexpected financial gain,an unexpected healing, an unexpected trip or travel, an unexpected boost of self- confidence, or an unexpected meeting with that someone special