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Joey L. Dowdy’s “U HABIT IT!”

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Are you letting bad habits like procrastination, the lack of motivation to move things forward, or surrounding yourself around negative people, get in the way of your happiness and success? Well if so, here’s what you can do. Flip the script, change things around. Let Go of The Old Habit, and Get Into A New Formed Habit!

Let Go, & Get In!

For Example: < For Procrastination>

Let go of the old, (Putting Things Off.)

*Get into the new, (Repeat This Statement Daily, “Say Do It Now” then go do it!)

< For Lack of Motivation>

Let Go of The Old, (Feeling Uninspired.)

*Get into the new, (Read or Listen to Something Inspirational Daily.

< For Negative People>

Let Go of The Old, (Surrounding Yourself with Negative People.)

*Get into the new, (Start Hanging Around with People Who Support, and Lift You Up!)

*Know that if you change your thoughts, and actions, so will the habit change. Then you really will “Habit It!”

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “UMM UMM GOOD!”

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Have A Feast!

What you put in your mind is equally as important as to what you put in your mouth.

So make it a daily habit to feed yourself some good nutritious brain food.

It’ll be Umm! Umm! Good!