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Joey L. Dowdy’s “RED HOT with ENVY!”

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Firry! Fierce! Fascinating!

Finding Your Destiny Will Always Disappoint Those Who Had Assigned You to Theirs. In fact, It Will Make Them “Red Hot with Envy!”

Here’s how!

It’s what will happen when you go from being told what you can’t do, to Defying The Odds of what others thought you couldn’t do.

Or not knowing what you want to do with your life, then surprisingly, you figure it out,  and it ultimately leads you to Finding and Fulfilling your purpose.

Or you decide to stop living in drudgery of having to follow someone else’s footsteps, by breaking free to become independent. Only to discover, it’s the transformation you needed to ignite the process; and began Stepping Out to follow your own footsteps.

Now do you see why some people won’t be happy?  It’s because finding your destiny is about you; not someone else, growing into what you were meant to be.

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Which One Will Win The Battle For Your Happiness?




Are You Living For The Money, or For What Makes You Happy?

Statics state that 80% of the population wake each day, or night, to then arrive at a job they hate. Yet it’s a fact that each year they continue to cling onto that same job. Why is this? Well, it’s obvious that the majority of these people are strictly doing it for the money. In fact, it’s been said that many have no passion for the work, and would rather be anywhere else than working on the job. Yet they stay there, unhappily, anyway. They do this simply because they say, “it pays the bills.”

* All jobs, no matter what the profession, are performed as a service to help someone else.

Now here’s my “Groove Theory” about the situation.


Sure, everyone knows that money is a necessity. It’s an essential component in our lives, because it can buy us the material things we need. However, it alone can’t buy you true happiness. Why not? It’s due to the fact that it can only fill a small void in your life. It can’t bring the kind of joy you feel when utilizing your life (talents,) in doing what you’ve been gifted to do.


Here’s the problem, “this is the successful money making clue that many people fail to realize.” They tend to overlook the fact we all have a unique talent; it’s something that no one else can do exactly like you. All jobs, no matter what the profession, are performed as a service to help someone else. So why not use that talent to be of service to someone else, and get paid for it?

I know, it sounds so simple doesn’t? Well, why aren’t more people doing it? Here’s why!


As you can see there is a battle going on, and it’s playing tug of war for your happiness! No wonder we’re at an all-time high that links us to some of the most tragic incidences of violence, depression, and suicide, ever. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

Why would I say this? I think it’s evident from the stats that millions of people are living their lives in daily dread. They are complacent, neutral, stuck, and have lost their drive to pursue their dreams. Why is this? It because they lack one major component; it is the key that will spark up their engines to drive themselves forward.


What is it? It’s COURAGE. So, if you one of millions who are living for money, and not for what makes you happy, it’s time for a change. What will it take? Know that all it takes is the courage to first realize this, “You Have A Talent That Can Be of Service to Someone Else, Now Put It to Work And Watch The Currency Come As A Result.” Yes, you will win the battle for your happiness, as it will be Courage-vs-Currency.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “THE COMPANY U KEEP!”

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Grow? Slow? Or No Go?

It’s For You to Decide.

Here’s what I mean. It’s important to know who you’re hanging around with, because they the company you keep will have a major impact on your life.

Here’s my groove theory on the situation, however, I gave it more of a poetic touch. Read ON!

“The Company U Keep!”

 It’s about the company you keep; know that the right set of people, can be a real treat.

Make it a point to hang around with people who are genuine, caring, and have your best interest in mind.

But do try to avoid the influences of under achievers who are known to be, flaky, self-centered; and in many cases, not so kind.

So invest your time wisely; hang around with a few good quality folk.

People just like you who seek to have a bright future, and don’t consider life to be a joke.

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                 Never Lose It!

 It Serves Its Purpose

 Here’s A Sneak Peek Excerpt From Get Up & Groove! Step Into Greatness! Perform!


Cast Me: You’ll See

Here’s the deal. I’m sure Strut knew her technique was lacking, but she also knew how to work what she did have. What she had was special innate ability. That’s why I say “never lose, or restrict, your natural ability. It should always shine through.” Here’s why! Natural ability is something that can’t be learned or taught. It’s given out at birth. It’s embedded in you. It’s what makes you unique and sets you apart.

 Oh, you know there’s more. Here:

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If They Did It Then So Can You.

Here are a few one liner excerpts from Get Up & Groove Step Into Greatness! Perform!

 {Jump Over Hurdles}

Lean Mean Plus Size Dancing Machine

“From that point on, I was hooked; Honey, I did my best to keep up and end on the beat like everyone else.”

{Move Pass Doubt}

Exercise Your Mind

I realized I had the confidence to do it, and from there on that I went full speed ahead.”

{Step Into Your Future}

Call Me, Diva Diana

“Now My New Life Begins.”

What Will Your “QUANTUM LEAP SUCCESS” One Liner Be?

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>