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Joey L. Dowdy’s “GO BIG,

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OR DON’T GO AT ALL          

The Super Duper Effect!                  

                    Say Away with Small Thinking!

                                      Life is too short to live it thinking small. 

So I challenge you to say “Away with small talk, small thinking, small ideas, small minded people, and small dreams. It’s time to GO BIG, or Don’t Go at All! Instead, what you need is a Super Duper Vision.  That’s right, a vision (ideal, or a goal) so big that it appears to be far beyond your reach.  Yeah! It should be so large that people will think you’re insane trying to reach it. Go it? Good! Now get on with and GO BIG!

Groove ON!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness

Joey L. Dowdy’s “KICK YOUR GOALS

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Jump! Leap! Kick!

Got A Goal? Then Get Going!

Turn What Could Be Into What Must Be!

No, it’s not too late to “Make This The Best Year Yet.”

How can you? You can by using these eight effective ways to jump start your goals into taking a quantum leap way pass the kick line.  Here’s how. Step

 1. Write down the goals you want to complete by the years end.

2. Set an exactly finish date.

3. Visual yourself finishing each task and reflect on the joy you will feel afterward.

4. Work on your goals each day, but little by little, and know that sometimes less is more.

5. Stay disciplined, focused, and committed.

6. Keep track of your progress.

7. Give yourself credit for all accomplishments you make no matter how great or small.

8. Finish & deliver with knowing that you did your best. Then let go of the rest.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “IT’S A MIND THING!”

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Lose The Weight!

Get The Job!

Have The Mate!

Fight The Fear!

Know that you can have all these things if you realize one thing first, “It’s A Mind Thing!” Here’s why. Most of the struggles people have about why they can’t get, or don’t have, these things all start inside their head or in the mind? Why? Because it’s the place where everything thought, belief, disbelief, or idea exists.

Yet here’s the trick, or treat! This too is the place where your dreams, hopes, and desires reside. It’s also here where you’ll either get the brain food you need to flourish, or you’ll simply wither away from malnutrition.

However, here’s the problem. Most people don’t seem to realize that this is the starting point; and it will either lead the way to their successes or failures.

So it is of the utter most importance that you know this,” If You Can Learn to Get Control of Your Mind, Then You Can Make Anything Happen!”

Okay, now, let me show you how!

Stay Tuned For More!

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RISE! (Crawl)

               MOVE! (Walk)

                            ASCEND! (Run)

 Start Your New Year Off with “Putting Your Best Foot Forward!”

 Every successful endeavor first begins with a plan that takes you through the process then links up the progress of success.

 Here are seven steps that’ll help you prevail as well as create a new frame work for your goals and desires in 2015. Step 1.

  1.  Be Specific About What You Want! Don’t just make it a thought; instead make it a reality by applying step two.

Step 2. Keep It Real; Know What Will Work For You!  Don’t believe all the hype. Like what you might ask?  It’s like this. It’s not wise to believe that you will lose five pounds each week if you maintain a healthy diet, exercise, and manage your stress levels. But you could feasibly lose one or two pounds a week with such a plan if you keep up the consistency. Note: Here’s the even bigger bonus. Losing the weight slowly will result in you not gaining it back so quickly if you happen to make a slip up.:) Now step three. 

Step 3.Write Down Your Goals/Desires. That’s write, there is something magical about putting pen to the paper. For some good reason it seems to help manifest what it is you desire, and it also links to step four.


Step 4. Post Them. Put them in a place where you can look at them daily. I suggest you refer to it as memory your board, or as something that’ll help keep you on track for step five.

Step 5.  Check in on Your Progress Each Week. Doing so will show while you are on the journey what hit, misses, and or adjustments you might need to make.  Yet don’t be dismayed because step six will have your back.

Step 6. Don’t Get Discouraged; Stay The Course No Matters What Happens. As you know life has its ups, downs, and an occasional turn around.

However, remember this, if things don’t go as planned don’t throw in the towel. Don’t let whatever efforts you brought forth go to waste. If you get to a point where you realize you’ve fallen off the wagon, do this, dust yourself off, get back on it and keep on riding.  Because you’ll be happy you did when you pull up to step seven.

Step 7.  Reward Yourself Along The Way! The main thing to remember is that all steps big or small are equal when you’re on the road to personal achievement, and to becoming the best you can be. So it’s important, remember to reward yourself along the way.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “PLAN TO PREVAIL;

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NOT FAIL, IN 2015!” Forward! Motion! Succeed!


Make This The Best Year Yet!

Food For Thought: A New Year’s Resolution can be tough to keep because it can make you wonder, ponder, and sometimes lose a little sleep. However, this year you won’t worry like you used to or even seem to be dismayed. Because I have a plan that will help you put your Best Effort Forward and Call It a Day. Are You Ready? Stay Tuned For More.

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “GET ON THE GROOVE!”

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Fulfillment! Accomplishment!

The Year Is Almost Over.

And the question is did you make the most of it? Or if you didn’t, will you do it now? Why let another year pass you by without accomplishing, or fulfilling your dream/s. Know that now is the time, it’s not too late! So I encourage you to “Get On The Groove,” right now, and Turn Your Dreams Into A Reality?

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “MERELY MEDIOCRE!”

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   Life, How’s Yours?

Let’s chat for a minute. Did you know statics state that 80% of the American population are not doing what they really desire do with their lives?

What does it mean? It means that they have settled for living a life that’s “Merely Mediocre?”

So I ask, Are You One of Them? If so, “You Won’t Be For Long.” My new book series Get Up & Groove “Step Into Greatness!” will inspire you to *Put Your Groove Into Action.

  In it you will experience the journey of real people who took the step, and made the change, that led them to live the life they ultimately desired.

You’ll witness how they went from living a life that was” Merely Mediocre to Pleasingly Pleasant. Now so can you by learning from their stories. Remember, Success Leaves Clues!

  This Is The Time to Join My Campaign and Get Yours.

Hey, don’t forget to check out my home page video and gallery.




Joey L. Dowdy’s ” WHAT’S THE KEY?”

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Consistency is The Key that unlocks the door. It leads the way to you Getting Through, Getting Ahead, and Going Beyond What Seemed Possible.” Got the Key? Consistency!

 Now, Watch It Work!




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You Could Be On to Something!

Did you know there are million dollars ideas all around you each and every day? Do you see them? Did you know your big opportunity or golden moment is where you are right now? And it could be speaking to you in many different ways such as an idea, a vision, a dream, a hunch, or a notion. If so, it could only mean one thing, “You Could Be On to Something.”



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Do you want something good to happen in your life? Of course you do, “We All Do.” Now here’s the good news, it can and will happen; actually, it’s easier than you might think. However, “You Must Do This.” Place Yourself in The Position to Succeed! How?

<Follow These 7 Steps> *Put yourself in the right environment that is CONDUSIVEand PRODUCTIVE for your needs and personal growth. *Talk about and Share your BIG DREAMS, goals, and desires with others who have PASSIONATE ideas!*Hang out with people who have an up beat positive Go FORWARD with life mind set. You’ll find their ways rather attractive, contagious, and their energy will keep you motivated.*Create a Visual, Written & Active plan & follow through with it. ….*GO! GO! GO! GetMoving!* Make it a Happenstance not a delayed Circumstance!

*Place Yourself in The Position to Succeed!