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Joey L. Dowdy’s” THE BIG PICTURE!”

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Don’t be a slave to the immediate and forget the ultimate; what may seem like
a down time or a discouraging moment will be short lived if hold on to your
goals and dreams. Instead look beyondwhat’s immediate, Keep Your Eyes On The Prize, and see “The Big Picture.”

Joey L. Dowdy’s “See Your Belly, See It Flat!

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<Firm, Fit & Flat Plan>

What You Can Do Right Now!

Okay! Let’s face it, something’s we know are mind over matter but when  it comes to belly fat it’s a puzzle. In fact, it’s such a puzzling distraction that it generally leaves us wondering, “where does it come from, and how the hell do we get rid of it?”

The average adult American gains about a pound per year. It just keeps creeping up on you until one day it seems you can’t slip on that skirt or fasten those pants so easily any more.

Did you know that fat around your middle is the worst for your health, because it raises the risk of heart disease, diabetes and possibly dementia? It’s true and maybe you’ve heard this before, but how do you let Belly Fat sneak up on you?

Here’s a concept. You sit! You sit! And you sit!
You sit sometimes for hours in your car, at the office, at your home computer, and most people favorite place in front of the television. You some times let an entire day escape you with out even attempting to do any exercise. Then you rely on getting through the day and delivering an energetic peak performance based on how many caffeinated beverages and unhealthy snacks you consume for support.

Next, why move when you can work, e-mail, shop, text, push a button, and talk on the phone without so much as standing up (except to walk to the bathroom, kitchen, or car)? Do you see a problem yet? Yes, today’s ever advancing technology is great but it makes us lazy; we simply want everything quickly and at a hands reach that “moving your limbs is becoming obsolete.”

Fact: This is not good because our bodies were designed to be active.

Research says, “Through evolution, we needed muscle and bone because we spend a lot of time walking around. Now we don’t do so much of that, so were defaulting toward having more fat instead of muscle and bone.” However, you can control the size of fat cells by resorting to eating fewer calories, and exercise can alter the decision of cells to end up as fat.” It’s clear that burning calories is critical. So eating nutritionally along with exercise will help you build muscle and train your body to burn hundreds of calories on its own every week — and that’s when you are not even working out.

Imagine burning fat while you sit at your computer or while you sleep! Yes! This all means a trimmer waist and a trimmer you! Yet, it’s going to take a little time and effort each day to achieve your ultimate results. I wrote in my earlier Fall For Fitness Plan blog that, “Even a short work out is better than none at all.” And I might ad, “That a few controlled crunches a day will help keep the bulge away.” However, the secret really is adapting the right “Belly Shrinking Components.” Here’s a few more.

Perk up Your Posture
Getting a flatter tummy starts with your posture; it’s about having a better awareness as much as it is about eating properly/nutritiously or exercising. By perking up your posture you’ll dramatically improve your appearance, look pounds lighter, and you’ll feel more c ccccccccc <Waist Awareness>
Here are 3 simple exercises you can do.

1. Make it a habit of trying not to slouch over (sit up straight) be aware of your posture. It has great benefits, sitting up straight takes press off your spine and it makes you look leaner, longer and stronger.
*Think lifted& long like a dancer.

2. Try this -Sitting up straight pull your abs in towards your belly button hold for a count of eight then release it slowly. Repeat it 8 -10 times or more.
3. Crunches: When you’re doing crunches always think controlled and isolated, never fast and jerky, while working the ads for achieving maximum results.
*Start with 25 reps then work your way up.

Note: Slow cadence lifting is a method in which the exercises are slowed down to an 8-second count on the lifting and lowering.

*Last but not least ask your self this one question several times doing the day, Are My Abs/Belly Pulled In? *Train Your Tummy & It’ll stay in.

For additional information and The Ultimate Belly Shrinking component list go to:

Joey L. Dowdy’s “Fall For Fitness Plan”

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Hello all, it’s Joey, after a long hot summer, trying my cool Fab 5 Fitness Tips will help you to get back into the Groove and Keep Fashionably Fit For Fall.

It’s not enough to say: “I want to lose weight” and it’s too much to say, “I want to lose twenty pounds in the next two weeks.” It’s hard to achieve a goal, any goal if it’s too open-ended or simply unrealistic. Not only will you be less motivated, but it’s easier to bail out on goals that are too general. Be specific, yet realistic with goal-setting. Losing 1-2 pounds per week is highly do-able and it’s also more likely that you’ll keep the weight off.

Note: Adding in a personal daily affirmation will encourage and remind you just how important it is to keep on track.

AFFIRMATION: Slowly but surely is DEFINITELY the right way to go!

Create a workout that you will enjoy. Variety is the spice of life and a varied plan will motivate you to stick with it. Make sure your plan consists of a range of exercises – some that are easy to do as well as more challenging ones. There are three keys to a balanced exercise plan:
Cardio (Dance, Walking, Swimming, Tennis etc.)
Stretching (Exotic Tone, Yoga, Pilates)
Strength Training (Stretch bands, weights, exotic tone)

AFFIRMATION: My personal exercise plan is so much fun. It gives me energy. Makes me feel fit and sexy! It is a daily enjoyment!

If you missed your workout today or splurged on your Great Aunt’s Ultimate Brownies, don’t give up. Everyone has hits and misses because no one is perfect! Always be kind to yourself. Tomorrow is another day. And remember, even a little exercise is better than none.
AFFIRMATION: Less can sometimes be more! Rejuvenation comes in all forms.

Health officials recommend we workout for 30-60 minutes 6 days a week – WOW! I know what you’re thinking! “Not a chance! Not with my busy schedule!” But don’t give up hope, there’s good news! Short workouts can still be quite effective. 10, 15, or 20 minute increments during the day can really make a world of difference when you stay focused and committed to a plan.
AFFIRMATION: Doing something rather than nothing makes me feel accomplished. It always leaves me feeling better about myself.

Even mom said it till she was out of breath. But it’s true! Start your day off right and you’re more likely to end it right. If you starve yourself until lunch, you’re more likely to gorge down more than you need. And just getting to lunchtime without that nutritional boost in the morning can be tough! Eating a well-balanced diet gives you more lasting energy. Now try theses,
Breakfast Smarts:
• Whole grains: (fiber) oatmeal, bran muffins, wheat toast or cereal
• Protein: low fat yogurt, egg whites, nuts, or protein shakes
• Fruits: Apples, oranges, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, juice

AFFIRMATION: Eating nutritionally is always the better choice it makes me feel more energized, aware, and motivated, like I’m ready for life!

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