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Joey L. Dowdy’s “U LITTLE THIEF!”

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Groove On This: Problems Will Come and Problems Will Go!”

Did you know that worry is a thief, and it comes to steal your joy? No, you didn’t? Well it is, and it will if you let it.

So the question is how can you protect yourself from this little intruder?

Here’s what you do. When you start to feel stressed out, depressed, or even fearful that something in your life may not work out, try this.

Take a deep breathe in, yeah, I mean do it right now! Then exhale and let it out. Okay, did you do it? And if you did, are you still alive? YOU ARE? Well, what more are u waiting for, “Celebrate Your Being Alive.” Why should you? Here’s why!

Know that it’s your secret weapon and it will handcuff, convict, sentence, and put any little thief who’s trying to steal your goods (joy) behind bars. So why spend your precious time worried about something that’ll eventually work out anyway.

 Instead, “Live Your Life with Joy!””>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>



Joey L. Dowdy’s “YOU SEE!”

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Perceive! Comprehend! Vision!

Groove On This:  That’s Why You Have Eyes.









                Until You See What You Have!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “GO -FOR –BROKE!”

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Want It!

        Will It!

                 Work It!

 Groove On This: Sometimes it’s Necessary to Lay It All on The Line!”

 An Excerpt from New Book “Get Up & Groove! Book 2 (Raw Material)

Lay in All on The Line

It was apparent to me that the room (gym) was mixed with all different body types and personalities. In which they all seemed to be vying for personal attention. Yet it made me wonder who will go- for- broke when the class gets underway and the action starts. Who would lay in all on the line and fight to the finish?

 Would it be the two twenty something wealthy (in appearance, demeanor & speech) bleach blond female Barbie doll college types?  Yeah, the one’s with the high cut daisy duke’s that seemed to rise up  a little above their cheeks; each time they bent over and played peek- a- boo (head first) looking, excuse me, I mean stretching through their legs. All while they discussed which restaurant had the best watercress sandwiches in town.

Or perhaps it would be the small group of about 6 or 7 well-manicured (from head to toe) desperate house wives who gleefully shared with each other (in full of course) the elaborated details of their latest shopping spree.

Or would it be the dedicated sculpted (size 0-3) fitness model type; who tend to take their workouts very seriously. You know, the ones do just about anything to burn a calorie. Yeah, the type where you might be putting your life at risk if you dare step in front of one of them while they were doing the do.

Or might it be the shy unassuming; slightly over –weight new comer who had no clue what’s going on.  Just then the music began, Ms  E. took the flat form; and everyone snapped into gear. Yeah, it seemed as though things were off to a really great start until whoa……..  You won’t believe what happened.

Stay Tuned For More!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “SO TELL ME!”

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Would you really go for it, and shock a few folk? People who didn’t believe you had it in you?

An Excerpt from New Book “Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness! Perform!”

Although my life has been a good one, I now realize it isn’t totally the life I’d hoped for. Instead, it’s the one I’ve settled for. Here’s what I mean. I’m not living, or pursuing my dreams, and it has been nudging at me every single day.”

Yet I know why I have not. What’s holding me back is fear! I admit it, I am afraid to face my fears. And each passing day the thought of not going for my dream is tearing me apart.” That’s why I must stop this madness, and face the music. You see I don’t want to live my life this way with ‘what ifs,’ or regrets, by not at least attempting to go for it. Therefore I …….  Hey, don’t stop now Read On!”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


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Need a little discipline? Yeah? You do? Well, if so, listed below are six ways it shows you how it does the do.

*Sticks and stones may break your bones, but having a little discipline will never hurt you.

*Discipline will only push you as far as you’re willing to go.

*Discipline makes no apologies, and feels no pain.

*Discipline will never beg you to get with it; nor will it turn you away.

* Discipline is very much aware that the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few.

*You’ll never go broke with discipline because it pays off in big ways!

Groove ON! j…”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “A REAL STINGER!”

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Some Can’t Live With It, and Others Can’t Live Without It.

What Am I Talking About?  It’s Discipline. Boy, It’s A Real Stinger. How So? Well, It’s Like This……  More Soon!

Groove ON! j…”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>

Joey L. Dowdy’s “PUSH!”

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                                             Make A Step!


You Can Go Further! Now PUSH!!!

 Groove ON! j…”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


Joey L. Dowdy’s “YOU GO…!”

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A Stagnant Life Will Get U No Where, Yet A Life with Mobility Will Take You Where Ever You Want To Go! So, “YOU GO…!”

Groove ON…”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>


Joey L. Dowdy’s “DO SEE WHAT I SEE?”

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Dream! Vision! Attention!

Please be warned: Don’t be intimidated by the critics who can’t see what you see. Know that the vision you see for your life mostly won’t match that of others who can’t see what you see.

The fact is you will only go, in life, as far as you see yourself going. So, if you can’t see it, you can’t achieve it. However, on the other hand, when you see a vision for your life, don’t walk, run towards it.  Why? It’s because your vision needs immediate attention!

Groove ON….


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What you learn is how to gain the mobility

To Live,

           To Give;

                           To Be!

Creating wealth isn’t necessarily about money; it’s more about having freedom. For example:

It’s having the freedom to live more.

It’s having the freedom to give more.

It’s having the freedom to be more of who you were really meant to be.

So I ask, “How are you creating wealth?”  Welcome to Freedom!

Groove”>Choreographer Instructor Fitness</a>