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Joey L. Dowdy’s “DADS WHO LOVE!”

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Dads are men who possess a special touch, they are fun to talk to, play with, and often spoil you way too much

It’s a fact that Dads seem to always be busy and men on go. So let the true be told, they’re awesome and rather unique, as you already know.

They’re hard working people and good care providers who make sure their family is always happy, and never ends up divided.

Its true when a loving dad walks into a room, he puts your heart at ease.Because it’s comforting to know the bond between the two of you, makes each other feel well pleased.

A loving dad has a natural instinct and it’s Might Joe strong, but he also has a soft spot in his heart, that loves you whether you’re right or wrong.

Dads are like grizzly’s who fight their battles to the finish; especially if you threaten his little ones, be they just a few or many.

That’s why we pay homage to dad’s who love; we give honor to those still living, yet equally cherish those who are in heaven above.


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