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Smell! Taste! Fuel!

What am I talking about? It’s Breakfast!”

“ Know that You should wake up each day excited to feed your body because it needs it, and deserves it!

Here’s why! Breakfast food is fuel for your body’s engine; feeding it early on does this. It keeps you energized and revved up, as well as it becomes the source your body needs to burn calories throughout the day.

Note: Don’t forget to include a daily fun work out; know that “Cardio Does the Body Good!”

So, Wake Up & Smell The Coffee!



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Life Never Felt So Good!

Do whatever you want, so long as; it’s fueled by passion. It will make your life meaningful. Plus People Will Take Notice and Be Inspired. So,

*If you’re a dancer when you dance make perfect practice a daily routine. And it’ll give you the spot on technical ability you need to make your moves speak and flow with ease, grace and style.

*If you’re a musician when you play make your music meaningful and naturally a crowd of folks will gather who will feel your energy, soul, and deep set passion.

*If you’re a painter when you paint, make each stroke of your brush wet with creativity. It’ll show your uniqueness and the signature touch you give each portrait.

*If you’re a singer when you sing, do it with heart and your fans will be moved by your thought provoking lyrics and infectious spirit.

*If you’re a janitor when you clean make it a mission to give your work a little sparkle and shine.

*If you’re a bus or truck driver when you drive do it with acute awareness, caution, and ultimate care. It’ll make your passengers feel valued and safe.

*If you’re a sales person when you make a deal, or transaction, do it with integrity. And people will trust your honesty, commitment, and reassurance.

*If you’re a teacher when you teach give your lessons a little charisma, so make them engaging, interactive, and ringing with knowledge. And you’ll see how your students will find the joy and fun in continual learning.

*If you’re a parent when you speak know that your kids are listening, but it’s when you lead by example they are inclined to follow.

*If you’re a coach when you coach instruct your group to work hard, work together, and always possess a team spirit. And they’ll see that winning will have a different meaning. It’ll go way beyond getting a trophy or metal. It’ll teach them too about honor, respect, and how to strive hard, not matter what, in always doing their best.