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Joey L. Dowdy’s “ IT’S ABOUT ACTION!”

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Talk is Cheap.

Let Your Actions Be The Attraction.



Joey L. Dowdy’s” YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!”

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No, your life is not an accident.
You were meant to be here, today; right now .
You were meant to have joy.                             
You were meant to have peace.
You were meant to be free.
You were meant to have good health.
You were meant to have great wealth.
You were meant to give, and be loved.
So, what are you waiting for?

Joey L. Dowdy’s “BUT YOUR FUTURE,

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “LIVE!”

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You Have breath so You Still Have Life;         Anything Is Possible, “LIVE!”

Joey L. Dowdy’s “FOCUS!”

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 Let Your Focus (Thoughts, Words, Ways & Actions) Be About, And On, The Things You Want Such As More (Joy, love, Peace; Money) Rather Than The Things You Don’t Want Like Unwelcomed (Sadness, Loneliness, Tragedy & Lack.)

So, I Ask What Do You Want?

Only You Know; “Your FOCUS Will Tell!

Joey L. Dowdy’s “CLUE ME IN, PLEASE!”

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Like I said in my last blog success leave clues, but here’s the problem. Most people don’t know where to look, or how to get them. Where do you look & where can you get them? Well, the secret is, they come from success people. That’s right, they come from the movers and shakers of the world. Who are just ordinary people committed to doing extraordinary things. So now that you know, you too can learn how to do the same. Here’s how. All it requires is taking their knowledge (ways & actions) which can be your power too, and then apply it to yourself.

 ARE YOU READY? Well, clue yourself in and check out my list of 14 things success people do that sets them apart. “So, Let the GOOD TIMES ROLL!” Here’s what they do that you can too. Step 1,

  • Have An Unbeatable Work Ethic. ( An Essential Key)
  • Do the Work Most Others Won’t.
  • Be the First to Arrive and the Last to Leave.
  • Go the Extra Mile, or Two, or Possible Three!
  • Invest in Themselves (An Important Element That’s Often Over Looked)
  • Take Calculated Risks (It’s A Must)
  • Think & Plan  Ahead
  • Never  Stop Learning ( It’s How You Can Turn A Dead in Job, or Life, Into One That Feels Like A Freshly Paved Road)  
  • Get Back Up After Being Knocked Down ( Again & Again)

10. Recognize  &  Seize The Moment of Opportunity. (Stop Looking Else Where, They’re All Around You!)        

 11. See The Glass As Half Full, And then Fill It Up to The Brim.      
 12.  Start (Most Do) From Humble Beginnings. Yet It’s okay If You didn’t (You Can Still Learn Something From Those Who Have) However, If You Are A Person Who is, Just Relax, It’s Okay, Know That The Struggle Won’t Last Forever. Let Your Pain, Plan, & Passion Lead the Way to Your Success.   
 13. Treat Others with RESPECT!
 14. Give Back (It’s What Trigger’s the Receiving Process)

Joey L. Dowdy’s “SUCCESS Leaves Clues!”

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 So, I ask,

Do you know where to look?

Do you know how to find them?

Did you know they may be closer than you think?

Well, let me tell, you there is

 More Soon…