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Joey L. Dowdy’s “I SMELL A RAT!”

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Something’s Burning in The Kitchen!  Pt. 1

Groove on This:  It’s always best to sniff out the situation first.

It’s no secret that there are situations where certain things, or even people, just don’t seem to add up. You know what I mean. It’s where you get a hunch, a notion; or a gut feeling, that there’s something burning in the kitchen and it smells like a rat.

 That’s when…..More soon!
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Short Full Body Workouts Are The Key

New Research studies show that short 30 to 40 minutes full body workouts (with little to no breaks in between) 3 – 5 days a week (like dancing, boxing, swimming, weight lifting etc) are highly effective ways to get your body in tip-top shape. Why is this. It’s because they work muscle groups in a simultaneous and productive fashion. Now here’s the even better news. Surprisingly, these short workouts are as well known to help your body burn calories, sometimes, for days after. Now doesn’t that sound like an ideal way to obtain your “Best Body Efficiency?”



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No More Junk in The Trunk Solutions!

When you let go of the junk, by cleaning out your trunk, you’ll begin to see a new path and discover a bright future for your life. Here are a few helpful solutions.

*Don’t let the fear of failure stop you by doing what you were afraid of anyway.

*Combat your sadness and depression by surrounding yourself around positive images, things, and people that bring out the best in you. Spend each day working on something productive and joyful.

*Gain self-love and acceptance by learning to love yourself first, as well as know that you’re worthy of love.

* Stop being stress out on the job by first learning to take on projects you can complete one by one. Also it’s important to know that you get paid to take some time off work to refresh yourself. Now, go do it! 

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “U ARE WORTHY!”

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Realization! Inspiration! Transformation!

There’s no need to shed another tear, because your help has just arrived.

This is a story of inspiration. She writes.

Wow, “Am I worth it?” I find myself in tears as I type this. I am overwhelmed with sadness at the idea that for so many years I have counted myself unworthy. Unworthy of love, unworthy of health, unworthy… If someone else had approached me and said these words, I would be angry with them. I have to be truthful in that I wear my insecurities on my body. The extra weight reflects the fact that I have counted myself unworthy of the effort to love me for decades.

No wonder the child inside me, feels pain. It’s time to stop looking elsewhere for love and fulfillment by doing for others and accept that it is not selfish or wrong to love, honor, cherish myself and my needs, because I AM WORTH IT! I AM WORTHY! Oh Glory, Alleluia, Lord – I AM WORTHY. And so are you, “U Are Worthy!”

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Joey L. Dowdy’s “SMILE!”

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Do It For Ten Good Reasons

It will,

*Make you feel better.

*Show people your kindness .

*Spread like the flu but in a healthier way.

*Exercise you facial muscles.

*Let other see your happiness.

*Give others the invitation to do the same.

*Brighten up someone’s day.

*Draw People closer to you.

*Effect people in a positive way and there’s no telling what they’ll do for you.

*Put your boss in good mood & hopefully help you get that raise and or new promotion.




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Get What You Want!

What do you want? Do you want more money, a new job, a trim fit body, or to learn how to dance?

Okay, now here’s the ironic part. Whatever it is you want you can have it. In fact, you can have all of the above if you really desire them. Well, maybe not all at the same time but you can.

However, here’s the problem and what holds most people back from getting it. What is it?It’s learning how to feel it! I know, it might sound strange to some people who might say, Isn’t the thought of wanting it good enough?” Yeah! Wanting it of course is good, but it’s only part of what it takes to get it. You need more. You need to know, “It’s about learning how to feel it!”

Why is feeling it so important? Here’s why. It takes feeling it; and knowing what the joy of having it will do for your life. Here’s what else it does

Feeling it creates a bodily sensation that’ll help you visually manifest your desire.So know that the money, new job, mate, freedom, or big success is all yours if you Think and *FEEL ITto be so? Like this,


*If you want to learn to dance, see yourself dancing like there is no tomorrow with feeling, flair and finesse. Then go sign up for those long awaited dance lessons.


*If you want more money stop saying, thinking, and acting like there’s a lack. Instead start talking and believing you’re a magnet to attracting money. Then when you get it; and believe me you will, be generous with sharing it for good causes.


*If you want that new job, first, pray about it. Then know it’s yours, but you must believe you can have it. Next, see it, feel it and visualize yourself in the position. Now, do the necessary research and prep work it takes. Then “Go Get It.”

Trim Body

*If you want a fit and trim body it starts with believing you can have it and feeling worthy of it. Then once you do picture yourself, I mean really see it, feel it, and try to imagine what your desired size feels like. Why? Because it’s important to be realistic, (key word here) about the size “you know” you can obtain and maintain. Then get a good fitness plan that’ll help you reach your goals.

So, Now, “Do you feel it?



Joey L. Dowdy’s “SMILE!”

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Smile and Send a Good Word, As They Will Both Do You Good.



Joey L. Dowdy’s “Experience JOY!”

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Is all the somber, sad, and bad economic news starting to affect your life? Or maybe you already feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, and or experiencing a case of the doom gloom blues?

 Well, if you are, here’s something you should know. Neither one of these situations can reign supreme. Nor do they stand a chance of remaining a dominate force in your life if you have this, “JOY!”Why? It’s because joy is the good stuff that “Turns Darkness Into Delight!” The power of joy can change your black clouds into blue skies, or a rainy day mood into one that glistens with sunshine. Why? It’s because Joy Has The Bright Feeling of Hope.So how do you get it? It’s simple; all it takes is a little action and activation.It goes something like this, Believe You Deserve to Have Joy, Think Joy, See Your Life Filled with Joy,Affirm Joy,Give Others Joy, and Don’t Forget toAbsolutely Feel and Experience Every Chance You Get a Little Joy!”Groove…

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Joey L. Dowdy’s, “Are You Beating Your Own Drum?”

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You Are In Control of What Rhythm (Slow, Moderate, Fast, Soft orLoud) is Right For You, And What Tempo Controls Your Life.
So I Ask, “How Are YouBeating Your Drum?”


Joey L. Dowdy’s “REAL BEAUTY!”

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Real Beauty Is Defined by What’s Going On Inside, which in
reality reflects what’s really going on the Outside.”

It’s what you Think, See, Say, Believe, and truly Feel about Yourself, Your
life, Your looks
and Your body.

However, Real Beauty is more than an image (tall, short, slim or fat); it comes from within and
extends outward. It’s listening, living, learning, and loving who you are. Yes! Real Beauty really is
in the eye of the beholder, “You!”